If Americans think about dimensions of this issue, undoubtedly, they will recognize that to reduce the MeK lobbies' pressure, and give them a chance to prove their claims, they should remove this group from the FTO.

Iran Didban
Instead of explaining the need to be removed from the U.S list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), MeK propaganda machine is seeking to induce his frustrated members that the Iranians are extremely frightened of their probable removal, in order to make it a chance to survive.

MEK leadership so far has not offered any convincing explanation of why they should be removed from the America's blacklist, as he has not explained on none of his other actions and positions; a crucial need has stimulated them to strive to get out of the list.

What is this need, and whether the MEK's claims about it are true?

Rajavi's remnants claim that the Iraqi government wants to expel them, citing the group's name in the list of terrorist groups. But, it should be reviewed that if the group was not on the blacklist, would the Iraqi Government be deprived of the right of a sovereign? Or would their illegal presence in this country be changed by the nature?

Also, they claim that Iran prosecutes them since they are on the terrorist list; it is quite clear that since 1983 that the MeK have trigged their assassinations, their activities were illegal there, and their crimes has had no need to refer to the list of terrorist groups.

Of course, request for exit from the list of terrorist groups is a political action designed by the MeK leadership in order to send a war massage from the U.S to Iran; and, by the Iran's reaction, to make an opportunity to survive, and also to be considered.

Except the MeK, has the US no other pretext to aggress Iran?

MeK removal would create a seizure between Washington and Tehran, as little as the ridiculous accusation of Iran to assassinate The Saudi Envoy in Washington, no more.

Furthermore, while Iran is going to expose documents on America's role in terrorism, would any more authentic document be found? So, for Iran this possible event will be a positive point.

Repairing the group's revenue Channels and securing an unconcern life for the Rajavi's gang in west after leaving Iraq, are at the head of MeK needs.

It seems that according to the U.S understanding of the MeK, and its knowledge about subsequent troubles of removing them from the terrorist list, the US government does not carry out such a risk. But if, beyond this primary equation, Americans think about dimensions of this issue, undoubtedly, they will recognize that to reduce the MeK lobbies' pressure, and give them a chance to prove their claims, they should remove this group from the FTO. So, obviously and actually, they would realize Iranian hatred of this group.

Getting out of the list of terrorist groups will be a disaster for the MeK; because, firstly, they should demonstrate their ability to compete with the other opposition groups, and it will make clear that they are not even in the size of the Least Interesting opposition groups. Secondly, this possible removal can never exit them out of their strategic deadlock. Therefore, MeK leadership inevitably has only two choices, to accept organizational breakup, or announce dissolution.

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