MEK exit from Iraq, with any shape and quality, is definite. Removing the base of one of the Middle East's most dangerous terrorist groups in Iraq is a victory for peace and security in the region.

Iran Didban

On October3, media who were attended the press conference at the Office of the Iraqi PM declared that Martin Kobler, The UN Secretary General's Representative in Iraq, is going to launch secret talks with the Iraqi Government on MeK transfer. Martin Kobler stresses that the required to implement and promote this hidden diplomacy is Keeping calm and avoiding any commotion.

MeK's goal to fail legitimate and peaceful actions of Iraqi government was confirmed with the release of news on November sixteenth. Sahar Family Foundation through a letter to the UN's Secretary General exposed that despite being informed by the Iraqi government about their arrival to the Northern part of the camp on April 8, MeK gang leaders fake their troops that the Iraqis want to seize and hand over them to Iran.

The letter states that Freshteh Shaja, one of the MeK's commanders, said her troops:

"... There have been instructions from higher levels for a state of alert since the Iraqis are moving a unit and adding to their forces and information we received indicates that the Iranian regime's elements are along the Iraqi forces which aim to attack our base and capture some people and take them to Iran where they would be tortured and executed. Therefore we all have to be on alert and do not let the Iraqi forces get into the garrison and fulfill their goal."

Informed sources have reported that, despite reception of no green light from Europe to accept Mujahedeen, MeK Organization administrators, in order to reduce the consequences of the Camp Ashraf closure, tricky and deceitfully have attempted to blackmail the troops; therefore, they are installing the software of Inhibition in their minds with these steps:

• -Your transformation to Europe is due to the leadership, he has another non-compensated payment for you. The regime wants to kill you, but the leadership is trying to send you to the Europe.
• - With your circumstance, you yourself know that you are not competent of all these payments by the leadership.
• -You are just required to the absolute obedience, more than the past.
• -Nobody has the right to speak even a word, unless he was permitted.

MEK leadership is worried about the undercover agents.

Aria Iran Web site, related to the MEK dissidents, exposed that Massoud and Maryam Rajavi have a great plan for evacuation of Camp Ashraf and dispatching its residents to the European and regional countries. According to the information received, the Camp Residents have been classified in new organizational units, and the public justification is done.

This triplex plan will be implemented, if the UNHCR rejects the MeK's European Plan.

Manoochehr Hezarkhanee In a memo announced that the UN UHCR and the Iraqi government Failed to agree.

It seems that one of the conflict's topics is the location where the UNHCR Representative interviews with the MeK members. This comes from sabotage of MeK leadership who refuses the troops to go into Baghdad to do interview. Naturally, the Iraqi government opposes to conduct Interviews in the camp or in its vicinity.

It is clear that the MeK leadership's disruption is due to the fear of escape and separation of forces; also his insistence for conducting interviews within the camp is to control them. Interestingly, MeK has asked the Iraqi government to ensure that it will return to the Camp, even forcefully, those members who would not have a personal desire to come again. It sounds as if they have forgotten that Saddam has been overthrown.

What is important:
MEK exit from Iraq, with any shape and quality, is definite. Removing the base of one of the Middle East's most dangerous terrorist groups in Iraq is a victory for peace and security in the region.

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