But this is the fact that, beyond the warmongers' Interactions with the MEK, there has been a secret and illegitimate agenda in the US diplomacy (Regardless of the factional administrations) to use MeK against Iran.

Iran Didban
Western Press's Enlightenment reminds that MeK supporters, who, despite UN's SG urge to avoid uproar still go on their racketing, are pocketing good money of this way, and there is no reason to give up this work. In other words, they want to take maximum advantage of this opportunity, which is fully justified according to the logic of the market, because after a while this opportunity completely disappears.

But this is not all the story and MeK supporters' progress is not fueled only by receiving wages from the MEK Lobbying firms, but Sponsors of violence, terror and war are now trying to prop them up in any possible way, and therefore they do not allow the campaign to legitimate MEK to be ended.

Analyzing content of the foreign committee of the U.S, six mounts ago we notified:
The warmongers always consider MeK as a tool whether in confronting Iran, or in advance their viewpoints...

It is now clear that, since the occupation of Iraq, the warmongers officially have put Use of the MEK terrorist group on their agenda; the U.S Officials' reports indicate that protecting the MEK and preserve them for 9 years in Iraq after Saddam's fall, was the lowest result of this decision. As well as trying to fake them as democratic alternative of Iran is another idea of this group.

But this is the fact that, beyond the warmongers' Interactions with the MEK, there has been a secret and illegitimate agenda in the US diplomacy (Regardless of the factional administrations) to use MeK against Iran. This illegal procedure causes that despite the anti-terrorism laws and consequences of support for a terrorist group, the campaign to support this group carry on its work.

The support of persons likes James Woolsey and Porter Goss, former CIA chiefs, or Luis Freeh, former head of the FBI, Indicates the existence of such a policy in the United States government. Their direct reference to such program of course includes disclosure of confidential information and will be prosecuted by legal proceedings, but the same policy has encouraged and assured them to legitimate this obscene program, and try to draw it from depth to surface and to reveal the secret.

Existence of MeK bases in soil of the US, and presence of their members and spokesmen in this country, as well as the cycle of financial and banking belong to this group, Contrary to their governors' slogan for the fight against terrorism, are the result of the same policy.

Ironically, putting MEK on the terrorist list and keeping them on it, are some requirements of this policy, because they should be imposed under the control and calculatedly, lest it lead to another scandal for the US.

If the US governors are aware of non-democratic nature of the MEK, and public hatred of Iranian people toward them; and if they decry MeK supporters, who are mostly former officials who receive the huge salary demands from this terrorist group, they should stop any Secret plan to exploit them to end the status quo.

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