Rajavi through waging a campaign against the Iraqi government simultaneously tries to cover up the three major conflicts on which he is involved: (1) Organizational fatigue and inner division, (2) America's encounter with the group, and (3) Dissension with the UN on the issue of relocation.

Iran Didban

It seems that nowadays is the golden time for Rajavi's gang, because, thanks to the news about the relocation, they are extremely regarded by the media; History has demonstrated that being considered by media is the main goal of the MeK.

News released on the MeK's collaboration with the US hawks and the Zionist regime, and, on the other, being invited by the UN for cooperation has given a false identity to the MEK's leadership.

Based on this false identity, Rajavi through waging a campaign against the Iraqi government simultaneously tries to cover up the three major conflicts on which he is involved:

1. Organizational fatigue and inner division
2. America's encounter with the group
3. Dissension with the UN on the issue of relocation

Such as other terrorist groups, the main threat to the MeK has been from within, and Rajavi continuously has done his best to overcome this threat. Among the MeK leadership's tactics to prevent the Inner collapse of his organization, we can refer to the strict censorship of news, psychological control methods (under the name of Ideological Revolution), self- confession meetings (Current operations and weekly purification), in order to de- identification of members.

But in the recent period, regarding the intense frustration of members and their great desire for separation and escape, the MeK's leadership has engaged to horrify the troops of the Iraqi Government, as their No.1 enemy, who looks for sacrificing them, in order to provoke the atmosphere of doubt and fear to prevent their escape.

Other oppositional action of Rajavi to control the troops is keeping them unaware of their basic human rights; especially in the current situation that the UN has taken over responsibility of the relocation process, he prevents the troops to meet with the authorities and, instead, Issues statement In the name of residents of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty.

On the other hand, instead of talking with the residents of the camps, the UN regrettably has launched negotiations with the so-called representatives of them. It is hoped that after relocation of troops to the TTL and beginning of interviews, this important defect to be eliminated.

In the case of America, trying to downplay the role of Obama's Administration in their expulsion from Iraq and its agreement with the principle of issue, the MeK's leadership accuses Noori Maliki of being Iran's obedient in expelling them.

But in the case of the UN, their dissension with the MeK inevitably will lead to a deep tension, soon; because the UN's goal of dealing with the issue of relocation is to proceed status of individuals as refugees, while Rajavi seeks the group's maintance.

A recent MeK's statement confirms this Dissension:

Whilst the GoaI is putting maximum pressure on Ashraf residents to continue relocation to Camp Liberty, and whilst the residents in Liberty are prevented from having their basic humanitarian requirements, it is neutralizing one after the other the drafts and proposals that the Special representative of the UN Secretary General for Iraq (SRSG) has made the residents' representatives accept during long discussions and through several correspondence.

The GoaI has also rendered them void of substance thus what is finally left of the seven consecutive drafts in the period of March 25 until April 21 i.e. less than a month, is only some generalities making the just demands and requirements of the residents contingent upon the "agreement of the GoaI ".

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