Because of the deep valley between the MeK and Iranian people, Rajavi is not able to recruit even one person, so he takes away members' authority of makeing decision and doesn't recognize their individual rights.

Iran Didban


1. Split is not an odd or necessarily a negative phenomenon in political and governmental structures. Anywhere in which different views are respected, naturally, different thoughts and beliefs find opportunities to expression. So, in a normal political structure, it would be possible that different tastes cut collaboration, or people from an organization resign, and, even beyond, ramification occurs.


2. Rajavi's political theory is based on detection and identification of splits, creating splits and playing in splits of the opposite force.


3. Rajavi's fighting theory implies that within the IRI government a split exists - formerly he had claimed that he has created it; that split, according to Rajavi, is deepening and will bring division. In his opinion, the MeK, by the use of internal and external opportunities, should play in that split.


4. Rajavi's organizational theory is that there should be no split in the MeK. In this regard, there are two general guidelines, 1. Organizational and associated forces should think similarly, just as the leadership tells them; their minds should be unified and their individualism be ignored. 2. Any dissenting sound and application for resignation and departure is result of external conspiracy and is not related to the nature of the group.


5. With the above guidelines, Rajavi deems that he has disappointed the enemy of finding any split.


6. Reasonable people and thinkers believe that a political establishment that lacks disagreement, in which all voices are the same and members' opinions are not respected, is a lagged movement and there is a slot between it and modern and democratic requirements.


7. Principally, the story is that Rajavi's effort to patch up his organization by the washed-out means and guidelines is a failed attempt to fill the deep valley which exists between the terrorist group MeK and Iranian people.


8. Rajavi sees popularity of his organization in absolute concomitance of members, and through a purely mechanical technique by the use of tools including pressure and intimidation and torture, forces them to go along with him.


9. Because of the deep valley between the MeK and Iranian people, Rajavi is not able to recruit even one person, so he takes  away members' authority of making decision and doesn't recognize their individual rights.


10. Rajavi not only has no intention to respond defectors and resigned members, but, he ignores them; because he believes that recognition of members as critics makes a split in his organization that could not be repair. So, instead of entering the field to address objectors, by accusations and conspiracy theory, disrupts the game and tricky cops-out.

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