The MeK Military action against Iran titled Operation Forough Javidan (Eternal Light) is a perfect example for understanding the characteristics and features of the group's leadership, its members and propaganda methods.


Iran Didban

The MeK Military action against Iran titled Operation Forough Javidan (Eternal Light) is a perfect example for understanding the characteristics and features of the group's leadership, its members and propaganda methods. Most important of these characteristics are:



- Incompetent planning 
- Visionary opportunism and lack of realistic analysis 
- Inability and lack of initiative 
- Sentimentalism and irrationality 
- Acting contrary to the slogans
- Inverting facts and post story


Incompetent planning:
Evaluation of the plan of Operation Forough Javidan reveals that this action was designed by those who generally had no military education, and even lack basic capability to plan an operation. Lack of strategic vision in the MeK leadership has caused ignoring of possibilities and, through the first, having no plan to deal with them. Thus, Rajavi is forced to decide at the scene and adopt the "Come what may" policy. Of course, Rajavi's incompetence never justifies his irresponsibility.



This inefficiency is so astounding that has closed experts to one of these two ideas: 
- Essentially, in planning the Forough Javidan operation Rajavi conducted command of a foreign power (including some powers who for reasons did not agree with ending war).
- Saddam wanted to solve the problem of the Mek presence in Iraq by destroying them. Or he intended to take hostages from Iran for upcoming exchange and Rajavi was his executive.


An important point is that entering the terrorist phase in June 60 and arriving Iraq was essentially similar to Operation Forough Javidan and his short-sighted and irresponsibly was evident in the previous events.


Visionary opportunism and lack of realistic analysis:
Attempt to fill the existing gaps and using opportunities is something beyond choice for Rajavi and his first and last option to survive. In each period, based on the conditions and opportunities, Rajavi is looking forward for getting an opportunity to use it. This approach constitutes absolute inability for any practical action. The irony is that, in Rajavi's unique and completely idiotic method of analysis, all the conditions are in his favor, and he has no desire to see the truth, or even to consider the possible parameters. In fact, Rajavi is dreaming instead of considering. The dream of complete destruction of the Iranian war machine by a five-thousand-man infantry army, just seeps out of an unrealistic mind that is incompetent for planning an operation.


Inability and lack of initiative:
The MeK operational commanders were a bunch of a clumsy, who triumphantly hit the road to capture Tehran, but upon encountering the first serious obstacle kissed good bye the troops and gave up the ship. Indeed, the operation planned by Rajavi should be led by such commanders. Also, in the field of terrorism and political action, the MeK successive failures stems from these chumps.


Sentimentalism and irrationality: 
The MeK members are inherently excited and sentimental. Lack of intellection and seriousness draws them into the middle of battle that has no gift for them instead of frustration, despair and death.


Acting contrary to the slogans:
Rajavi had claimed that if Iran accepts peace, the repression that it had imposed under the pretext of war will be removed, people will revolt and The IRI will go overthrow. It is unclear why Rajavi did not wait for the uprising and embarked the adventure. Perhaps because he well knew that there is no Rebellion and overthrow, and, even assuming such an event, there will be no place for these traitors in Iran. We have not forgotten that the MeK leadership when going to Iraq had announced that length of stay in this country will not exceed one year and that will be coincides with overthrowing of the government!


Inverting facts and post story: 
During few decades of activity, the MeK frequently has changed its history upon various reasons, including: lifting up the leadership, covering up his faults, wiping out the group's anti-American slogans and positions (especially after the victory of the Islamic Republic), and fading out its terrorist activities inside Iran. Among the events that have changed repeatedly is the Operation Forough Javidan that every year is getting fatter in order to boast different aspects of that historic operation; a maneuver that its narrators whenever remember in what an ambuscade were trapped, cursed Rajavi a thousand times.


There is no scenes and adventure in which the MeK has entered and not defeated. So that one can say the MeK leadership's wide shut eyes could not see new horizons and since he always must be victorious, lies and invert facts. Perhaps the game plan of the MeK leadership is to satisfy his sexual needs and the only platform in which he can conduct long-term work is within his organization.

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