In fact the MeK's rancour against Iranians dates back to 1980s when they successfully defended against the invasion of Saddam Hussein and thus the terrorist group's treasons became of no avail.

Iran Didban
The Rajavis' incredibly stupid positions taken as regards Iran's recent Parliamentary elections suggest that they have lost their temper at the high turnout. So they intend to falsify the reality and ignore the presence of Iranian people in the polling stations. They keep claiming that people have boycotted the elections: "many impartial sources and eyewitnesses at thousands of polling stations reported and confirmed sparse crowds, as well as the apathy of, and boycott by, the vast majority of the Iranians, especially the youth, not to mention made-for-television stage managing in Tehran and several other major cities, designed to give the appearance of a high turnout."
Or another stupid threadbare claim which they are restating about the elections fraud: "This was in addition to widespread rigging, intimidating or offering incentives to vulnerable sectors of society to compel them to cast ballots. The threats were being issued in administrative, military and labor centers, detailed in the NCRI's statement no. 4. Threatening workers with ‘serious consequences' if they did not vote, buying votes and birth certificates, voting with birth certificates of the deceased, voting multiple times and transferring the regime's operatives from one town to another to recast their ballots have been widely reported."
The MeK leadership has also commissioned its propagandists to impugn the elections. On February 2006, Alireza Jafarzadeh, MeK's representative in the US, told CNBC that the outcome of the elections "will not impact the future of the population". Speaking to Sky News Arabia, Dolat Norouzi, MeK's representative in the UK, said, "The majority of people in Iran have boycotted the so-called elections and have no hope and trust in the elections as there will be no change in country with the current regime." Another spokesperson for the group, Afshin Alavi, told France Info radio station, "it's not a real election, but an electoral show and Iran under the clerics is not a democracy, but a religious dictatorship."
After the elections on Friday, an impartial analyst said MeK is pursuing a policy of challenging the elections and government. They are trying to underestimate the politically significant results of the elections in Iran, though they do not understand that they are insulting the Iranians with these stances. However, the reality is that the MeK absolutely despise people of Iran due to their presence at the ballot boxes. Of course the MeK's rancour against Iranians dates back to 1980s when they successfully defended against the invasion of Saddam Hussein and thus the terrorist group's treasons became of no avail.
Knowing that the people of Iran choose their own social and political fate and that they never support the terrorist group, the MeK considers them as its number 1 enemy and cast the most insults at them in its private meetings. Thus, it has no other way but to falsely claim the electoral fraud and low voter turnout in elections.

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