To end Rajavi hostage, UN special envoy, instead of asking Rajavi to issue a command to cooperation of the residents of Camp Liberty, should accomplish his legal obligations and conduct interviews with every residents of the camp. Of course, according to the policy and ideology of UNHCR in refugee camps around the world, Mr. Kobler should not allow foreign forces to interfere in the status of camp residents.

At first it should be noted that regardless of specific individuals named in the Pentagon report and their alleged relations with the Iranian government, which is raised unauthentic and ambiguous, the flow of defection from the MeK is accepted and believed by the world public opinion. More absurd than Rajavi's striving to eliminate dissidents is her scramble to prove existence of the terrorist group MEK.

Hereinafter, what the MeK puts on agenda is stimulating West to increase economic pressure and set off an all-out political war against Iran. This is the reason behind the group's campaign in the US in favor of Mitt Romney or their effort to trace the companies who deal with Iran or some European countries' trading with this country in order to put them under pressure to cut off these exchanges.

The UN authorities should not just think to completion of the relocation from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty, but they have to put the overall conclusion on agenda that any negotiation with the persons as representatives of the residents or, more wrong, negotiations with Rajavi's representatives is an irreversible error that will bring many times more destructive results than the current situation.

The fact is that Masood Rajavi has fled because of being at the head of a terrorist organization, being responsible for hundreds of terrorist operations, collaboration with Saddam, establishing of the international criminal network, and dozens of other illegal actions. So, due to the terrorist records and a history of treachery and crime, Rajavi does not have legitimacy to represent a political group.

France now is on the eve of an important exam. Its governors should know that with the closure of the MeK's main camp in Iraq, their country will be the center of this terrorist group- whether its individuals could take asylum or not, and Auvers-sur-Oise will be the center of their terrorist acts. So, the best option for France is following the Iraqi government to expel the MeK.


The Neo- conservatives grasped that the MeK, more than running their policies, are following their own organizational interests and look for deceitful intentions in the deal. In fact, the Mek want security assurance, receiving facility, being located under the America's custody, being removed from the terrorist list and participation in political dialogue as an alternative; all of them in return for terrorist operations.


The MEK leaders know that the resettlement of TTL residents in third countries cannot be done immediately and requires a long-term process. So the only way to keep members behind the bars of the cult and to conceal cult-like practices of the organization is to go under the UN flag neutralizing the rule of Iraqi government in maintaining its sovereignty over TTL. For the time being this is the most favorable option for the MEK.

Camp Liberty, which was considered by MeK as a "prison" and "concentration camp" with all kinds of flaws and deficiencies, now (after the last Wednesday's statement of Hillary Clinton), is turned into an acceptable location to host the other residents of camp Ashraf (Camp New Iraq).

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