One of Mojahedin’s main tactics and purposes is to create conflict and division between Islamic republic of Iran and other
One of Mojahedin’s main tactics and purposes is to create conflict and division between Islamic republic of Iran and other countries, specially its neighbors. Rajavi has different purposes by following such strategy most important of which is to show himself as the only alternative and savior for Iran. To reveal just a part of Mojahedin’t effort in this way, we bring the following case as the most obvious example: In Hajj ceremonies in 1987 a bloody rally took place in which hundreds of Iranians and Saudi police officers were killed. At that time, Saudi government introduced Iran as the main reason for this event and Iran also accused Mojahedin of being involved in this incident. Then, nobody accepted Iran’s claim, since Iran was accused of exporting revolution and had established demonstrations in Hajj ceremonies for several years. So, denying being involved in this event was not easily accepted. On the other hand, Rajavi, using this opportunity and with a pre-planned project and with the assistance of Iraq government changed this demonstration to a bloody one to meet his own goals. It is necessary to mention that Mojahedin do their best to defeat the other side. We expect them to do everything they can and the only thing they don’t think of is the lives of people. In 1987, Saudi Arabia was becoming closer to Iran, had solved many problems in between or was trying to solve. The Hajj Incident Saudi Arabia becoming closer to Iran, while Iraq-Iran war had reached its climax, was terrible for both Saddam and Rajavi and had some disadvantages for them, since they both needed Saudi aids. This was only possible in the case they could separate Iran from Saudi Arabia and to boost the divisions between them in order to prevent them become closer. Therefore, those Mojahedin members who could penetrate easily into the lines of Iranians organized the initial stages of instigating and attacking Saudi police and Iraqi agents took the preliminary equipments (such as Ayatollah Khomeini’s photos and explosives) to Jiddah airport under their diplomatic immunity and they started this riot with the assistance of each other. Iranian hajjis and pilgrims, believing this is a demonstration sponsored by Iranian regime, joined it. Mojahedin members, who had grown beard as Iraqi hajjis and with Iraqi passports having been provided by Iraq government, moved from Baghdad to Saudi Arabia with a bus. Abbas Davari (Rahman) was Mojahedin’s caravan leader. Mojahedin forces were gathered and sent to the Hajj ceremony. Some of Mojahedin members in this caravan are as follows: Asghar (well-known as Asghar radio) Hajji Masih Hajji Sadegh Javad Saleh Tehrani (Bijan Ravabet) Hussein Moslemi Bahram (Taghi) Hussein Filli (Abbas Ravabet) Kaveh Ravabet Javad Hamid Bateni (Rahim Ravabet) Hassan Enayat (Sadegh Ravabet) Iraqi caravan leader was a person called captain Khaled. After returning from Hajj ceremony, some of these guys involved in problems and the possibility of secession increased. Some others, who had asked for secession but since Mojahedin wanted this issue to be kept in secret, were erased one by one, Such as the following persons: Asghar radio: after a while, separated from Mojahedin and Organization sent him to Pakistan. But later the Organization announced that Asghar was killed by the mercenaries of Islamic republic of Iran. Bahram Taghi (born in Tabriz) : he was also killed. Bahram worked in Badi’ zadegan garrison – the place where Rajavi was settled- and was aware of whatever happened there. Besides the information about Hajj ceremony, he also had special information about Rajavi’s residence and its internal mysteries. His military rank was later lowered. After a while, Organization announced that Bahram has been drowned since he didn’t know how to swim. At the time he drowned he had gone swimming alone and no one else was accompanying him. At that time his wife was pregnant and after his death, his child was named as Bahram. Javad (the son of Mother Rezvan) is another one, who was hanged in the repair shop of one of army divisions. According to his friends, he was very cheerful that night. One of his friends said: “I and Javad left the dining room that night and walked for sometime in the yard. Then, we returned back to the hall and played ping-pong until 12 p.m. and after that we went to the rest house. This shows that Javad wasn’t going to commit suicide, since a person who’s going to commit suicide should have special mental situation and naturally loses the sense of humor and such things…. Javad’s first wife has been killed in Forough Javidan operation and his second wife was pregnant when he died and his child was born after his death. The Organization, answering his mother that asked for the reason of Javad’s death, said: “right now we cannot tell, but after becoming victorious in Iran we will tell you the reason.” His mother was informed of his funeral ceremony after a month. After his death, his mother, his two sisters and their husbands separated from the organization and they’re now living in Sweden as refugees. According to his friends, the place of hanging was very height and there were 2 persons needed to accomplish such a work. Javad had problems with the Organization at that time and had decided to separate from it. A group of former Mojahedin members Germany- France- Holland February 1995

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