Your have accepted the Presidency of a country with a rich history of civilisation, and a country which in the last decays, under the rule of a criminal called Saddam, had changed to a massacre ground for the peoples of Iraq.
Mr. Qazi Ajil Al-yawar, the President of the interim government of Iraq, Dear Sir, Your have accepted the Presidency of a country with a rich history of civilisation, and a country which in the last decays, under the rule of a criminal called Saddam, had changed to a massacre ground for the peoples of Iraq. The systematic criminal activities of Saddam inside that country as well as clear aggressions against the two neighbouring countries, Iran and Kuwait, are the clear evidence of the covetousness of the heads of Baathist regime. It is also clear that had it not been the utmost use of suppressive methods in the shape of activities of Mokhaberat and Estekhbarat, the people of Iraq would have got read of this Dictator regime a long time ago. Now that Saddam’s regime is gone and you have accepted the Presidency of the interim government of Iraq, it would be a legitimate expectation from your good self to see the arrest of the residuals of Mokhaberat and Estekhbarat as well as all the national and foreign collaborators of these murderous organisations. These arrests and trials would surely revive the hope for justice in the hurts and minds of the many victims of violence, terrorism and aggression. The Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO) leaded by Mr. Massoud Rajavi, used all his capabilities to serve Saddam’s regime. He engage in many crimes ordered by the Mokhoaberat and Estekhbarat to the point that he became more effective that both of these criminal organisations and there after, MKO was integrated in to the system and enjoyed special treatments from Saddam himself. Mr. Rajavi, by founding the National Liberation Army, followed the specific orders of the Baath party officials to carry out terrorist activities and launch mortar attacks in Iranian cities to blackmail Iranian Government. He also engaged his forces to crush the Kurdish and shiaats uprisings in the north and the south of Iraq. Later, expressing his loyalty to Saddam, he has announced these massacres as a token of gratitude towards his benefactor, Saddam Hussein. The fall of Saddam came as a painful shock for the MKO. No substituted could or can be envisaged. Mr. Rajavi has decided to hide and survive in the existing gapes between the Ruling regime of Tehran and the outside world. Using the propaganda machine inherited from Saddam, he has used claims like the possibility of extradition of MKO to Iran, to cover his massive involvement in Saddam’s crimes. Giving in to such propaganda by someone like yourself, would be what a criminal like Rajavi would dream of. It is worth mentioning that myself have been in Ashraf camp and the MKO for many years. I have to admit that in those days I was proud of Saddam’s support for MKO and I would dream of a bright future for ourselves (MKO members) under the protection of Baath regime of Iraq. Today I confess to my mistakes and bow down to the justice that is the fundamental necessity for freedom. I am ready to give evidence to any court of justice which would attempt to bring Mr. Rajavi to justice. Dear Mr. Al-Yawar, The people of Iraq as well as the Iranian people are the victims of the collaboration between Saddam’s regime and the MKO. Their expectation from you, is to bring to justice the heads of these two criminal systems. The direct victims of MKO would also welcome such a trail and are ready and willing to bring scores of evidences to indorse the criminal activities of these two criminals. If Mr. Rajavi would face justice even only for his strategy of “inflecting war” between Iran and Iraq, it is evident that his hand, deep in the blood of Iraqis and Iranians, would be revealed. On the other hand if this justice is postponed or delayed for any political or circumstantial reasons, this would not be anything but another blow to the hearts and minds of the people of Iraq and Iran. Maryam Khoshnevis (Ex member of MKO) CC: The Prime minister of Interim government of Iraq The Iraqi Ruling Council The Iraqi embassies in UK, US and EU countries. The office of UN in Baghdad, Geneva, and New York The Iraqi media.

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