Survivors’ Report has been created to act as a forum for publication of the experiences and knowledge of experts and others on the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO).
Survivors’ Report has been created to act as a forum for publication of the experiences and knowledge of experts and others on the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO). The aim of Survivors’ Report is to provide a unique source of information, analysis and opinion which we hope will prove valuable and of interest to anyone who has dealings with the Mojahedin. Why do we believe this publication is necessary? In its most simple expression, because the Mojahedin presents a false image of itself based on lies and deceit. In the west the MKO has presented itself as a pro-democratic, pro-women’s rights, pro-western political organization. At the same time, under the protection of Saddam Hussein the MKO has in reality acted with impunity to crush and kill not only Iranians and Iraqis but also its own dissenting members and critics. This false democratic image concocted under the title of the ‘National Council of Resistance of Iran’ has, we believe, resulted in its being overlooked until very recently as a terrorist threat. The MKO has been, unfortunately, accepted in the west almost without question as a political organization, and as such, has hindered and deformed the struggle of people inside Iran for greater freedoms and the democratization of their political systems. Articles in this publication will go some way to exploding the myths surrounding the Mojahedin and National Council of Resistance of Iran. Why is the publication called Survivors’ Report? Survivors’ Report is so-called because foremost among the contributors to this publication are former members of the MKO. These are disaffected members who refused to accept Rajavi’s violent strategy and tactics, who refused to participate in his mercenary activities for Saddam, and who as a result have left the organization. For most this has not been an easy task. Some have been imprisoned and tortured by the cult for years. Some had been handed over to the Saddam’s Security Services and subjected to torture in places like the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. Others had been deliberately forced to cross the border into Iran at gunpoint in a bid to see them shot or captured by Iranian border guards so they could be added to the list of Mojahedin martyrs. In addition to those who survived, there have also, of course, been the numerous victims who have been killed in prisons, fields or camps and a number of missing people of whom there has not yet been any news. In this and future editions of Survivor’s Report we will print the personal accounts of Rajavi’s victims. People who survived the cult. People who still care deeply about those colleagues with whom they lived and worked for many years who remain trapped in the cult. Coming from all walks of life, with diverse social and political views, these former members are working together now, without reference to revenge or personal justice, to rescue as many others as they can from the damage inflicted by Rajavi’s cult.

New Articles

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Was it an Iranian terror plot or a false flag operation?

Belgian police say an Iranian diplomat was involved in a plot to bomb a rally of the dissident Iranian group MEK, but Iran says MEK itself is to blame.

Stephen Harper knocked for speaking at 'Free Iran' rally hosted by 'cult' ex-terror group

Harper's own government considered Mojahedin-e Khalq or MEK a terrorist organization as recently as 2012

Giuliani, Gingrich Visit MeK Conference to Push for Iran Regime Change

Trump aides see once-banned terror group as replacing Iranian government

The Despicable Hawkish Embrace of the MEK

The Trump administration’s MEK fans participated in the group’s annual rally in Paris over the weekend:

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Footprints of MKO terrorists, monarchists seen in recent unrests in SW Iran

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