The way US behaves the people’s Mojahedin or Mojahedin-e Khalq raises a big question in mind because Bush’s
A Big Question Mark on Bush’s Claims! The way US behaves the people’s Mojahedin or Mojahedin-e Khalq raises a big question in mind because Bush’s administration claims of global campaign against terrorism and puts the name of MKO in the terrorists list. Hearing that US is supposed to give MKOs some bases in Iraq in order to let them continue their terrorist acts against Iran is amazing and make one regret for them. Regarding this, we have talked to Mr. Sadegh-e Zibakalam, the Professor of Tehran’s university. The US’s double standards in facing Mojahedin raise a big question in mind; please tell us, what their motivation is? I think Americans didn’t know that the process will be as such and Iraqis will resist more than what they thought. In fact they were surprised of the fall of Saddam. The second surprising matter was the Islam-seeking wave specially among the Shiites. So, these reasons make Americans revise their plans. I mean Americans’ big problem was Islam-seeking and Islamists don’t want Americans to stay in Iraq. So, at the first glance they accuse Iran of instigating the Shiites while it’s not right because the deep ties between Islamic schools of Najaf and Iraqi clerics has always existed and it’s not true to tell that Iran is making Islamist reformations. Putting the blame of this on Iran is due to the Americans’ fear of facing realities. Please tell us, what has made such a situation? Following these cases, the relationship with MKOs has created a situation of ambiguity since they think of using Mojahedin against Iran. However, some reports indicate that they’ll use MKOs only if Iran wants to use Iraqi Muslims against the US. This new situation is the result of the situation in which Americans have found themselves. I think Americans’ move toward Mojahedin is a big mistake, since extremist groups have no place among public and even those opposing Islamic republic don’t agree with this group. The use of force and cooperating with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war prevents Iranian dissidents of accepting this group. In terms of being nationalist, Mojahedin cooperation with Saddam was horrible because they’d help the enemy of the country. I think MKOs have no place among Iraqi people, Kurds and oppositions since they were a part of Saddam’s government. Bush claims the campaign against terrorism. So, what is his motive for supporting this group? Americans go toward MKOs since they want to use them against Iran. This raises a big question, because US claims of fighting against terrorism while MKO uses terrorism as a means. What will be the world reaction to this? EU countries, specially Britain, France and Germany don’t recognize this group because they’re not afraid of erasing political dissidents. And if the US supports this group, it will face problems.

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