In order to prevent war, neighbors and all regional countries have advised Iraq to observe all U.N. Security Council’s
In order to prevent war, neighbors and all regional countries have advised Iraq to observe all U.N. Security Council’s resolutions and have warned it about any excuses to start war and have asked its honest and truthful cooperation with U.N. weapon inspectors. These advices cancelled all those advantages that Baas regime was ready to give to any neighbor instead of joining it. There are strong rumors that Saddam’s regime, as for 1991, has suggested that Iraq will banish Mojahedin and extradite Masoud Rajavi to Iran, besides giving other advantages. Naji Sabri has given this proposition to Kamal Kharazi during the Security Council’s meeting and it seems that Iran has shown no desires for talking about these issues. *** In an announcement, terrified Mojahedin reported the establishment of ground-to-ground missiles and congregation of Iranian forces in the borders of Iran and Iraq. These announcements that have been issued by Mojahedin again and again in recent month, apart from being false indicate Mojahedin’s fear and terror from this daydreamings. Mojahedin are now in a situation in which they simply become worried and frightened by any moves, and are always waiting for a more unexpected and gloomy situation. In such a critical situation, “national security council” is also looking for its duty. Mojahedin responded severely by council’s speech to a short piece of news in Resalat newspaper in which was a claim indicating that Saddam has employed Mojahedin to guard his oil wells. And Rajavi entered the case directly and hastily and said that it’s 12 years that we haven’t traveled back and forth in Iraq and principally we have nothing to do with Iraq oil wells. Mojahedin, which use silence tactic when facing critical and divulging issues against them, in response to this short piece of news became so upset. And this distress shows that they’re well aware of the powerful and determining position of Kurds (specially in Khaneghin region) in the current situation, in which Mojahedin will be the first movement to be omitted, if the trend of events continues without change and Saddam is omitted. On the other hand, it’s a long time that the Shiites have started an undeclared war against Mojahedin and they will have a role in Iraq’s oppositions coalition in Iraq’s future. And even the Sunnite and central oppositions will not repeat Saddam’s mistakes in the future or in the case of getting to power, and they will certainly have anti-tension programs with the neighbors in their agenda. The most ideal assumption for Mojahedin is that war doesn’t happen and all demands of the U.S. and U.N. will be met in a peaceful way. In that case even, Saddam will need a long time to improve his relations with neighbors and to be honored in the world, a time that destiny may never give him, and if he finds such a time he sure will think of giving advantages to Iran. ***** These situations prove the realism of Mehdi Abrishamchi’s analysis that at the time of Rajavi’s arrival to Iraq said: “we will burn if we want to stay here more than a year”. Rajavi also submitted to this fact that their existence in Iraq is meaningful until there’s a war between Iraq and Iran, and all after that is mojahedin’s uselessness and immobility. In 1991, analysts warned about the combination of Saddam’s destiny and Mojahedin’s and in that year, some were waiting to see Mojahedin as scapegoat. Since then on, the reality of this analysis becomes clearer and it seems that with formation of new events, this is Mojahedin that feels the reality of this analysis. Mojahedin’s distress, confusion and intense fear, is a reflection of “the echo of Saddam’s death bell that has shaken the entity of this group.”

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