Perhaps only a few people know what the Mojahedin’s excuse for terroristic activities was?
Perhaps only a few people know what the Mojahedin’s excuse for terroristic activities was? After the 1979 revolution in Iran, Mojahedin’s battle with Iran was thanks to their idea that didn’t consider the government as deeply non-imperialistic and the enemy of the U.S.. Certainly those who see the current situation of Mojahedin won’t believe this and will look at it doubtfully. Mojahedin always complained in their announcements and speeches that why Iran government doesn’t take complete revolutionary positions against the U.S. government. For instance, they asked for disintegration of the army because it was non-democratic. And therefore they requested that it should be emphasized in the constitutional law that the army should be non-imperialistic. In foreign affairs, abrogation of all contracts and imperialistic military and political treaties (Mojahed, vol.3). Holding democratic court for all related to the past regime (Mojahed, vol.3). Mojahedin noted Iranian officials that following the overthrow of Shah’s dictatorship, our battle should target the bases of imperialism more severely (Mojahed, vol.4). They claimed that the officials should never listen to the what foreigners say, and human rights policy wants to hide the ugly face of the imperialism (Mojahed, vol.5). They warned Iran that not revealing the CIA documents and the U.S. contracts is betraying to the martyrs (Mojahed, special vol.10). Mojahedin asked: “could relationship with the U.S. be on the basis of affection and friendship?” (Mojahed, vol.11). After demonstrating in support of espionage net by the students, Mojahedin declared their request as follows: 1- Disclosing and canceling all Iran-U.S. contracts specially military and petroleum contracts 2- Disclosing all agents, networks and relations of CIA in Iran 3- Confiscating all different capitals of imperialism in iran 4- Cutting all relationships with the U.S. until the extradition of Shah 5- Cutting all economic, political, military and cultural dependencies to the U.S. They also declared in their 1979 Oct. announcement as follows: “ Mojahedin organization states its deep sorrow that why shameful colonial dependencies and contracts have not been cancelled yet. Relations and dependencies that are the results of the Shah’s allegiance… (Mojahed, vol.12).” Mojahedin express their goal, of participating in the first round of presidential elections and campaigning with religious forces, as follows: “if elections are really non-imperialistic and revolutionary forces find a good position, this itself will be a political victory over imperialism and its internal, peace-seeking groups (Mojahedin, vol.18).” they reason as follows to attract people and intellectuals: “this (support) is not merely supporting an organization but it’s basically supporting a front, the front of deeply revolutionary and non-imperialist and liberal in the territory of Islamic Republic of Iran (Mojahed, vol.18)”. or “introduction of a presidential candidate by Mojahedin is a big step towards the formation of a unified non-imperialistic front” (Mojahed, vol.19). The gathering of Mojahedin’s severe and strong non-imperialistic positions at the beginning of the Iran revolution will need a very long time. They believe that the U.S. imperialism is the main contrast of all nations, and that the liberalism reactionary is a way for imperialism to return to Iran and it’s way for the U.S. to dominate politically. “Imperialism will restore its un-eradicated influence by the following channels: 1- relying on the reactionary aspects of small bourgeois specially its traditional part (clerics) that now has a political superiority. 2- Relying on the element of economic leberalism of ordinary bourgeois (Mojahed, vols.9,10). They even express the purity of movement against Iran government as follows: “Our positioning against reactionary desires in the social and political levels, is so pure that in its hear will target the imperialism directly (Mojahed, vols.10,11).” They finally found Iran government overthrowing as a solution for fighting with imperialism and to do so, with making splits between the liberals and clerics and uniting with liberals, they paved the way for non-imperialistic actions. Anyway, they made a bloodshed and made imperialism satisfied only by this analysis that “reactionary aspects, are the imperialism’s main channels to penetrate and establish itself again”; while they themselves had warned their Fadaee (devotee) friends as such: “if we aren’t aware of this fact that how much the non-imperialistic aspects of the extremist capitalism are unstable and shallow, we will be cut into pieces behind that and finally will be defeated by the large capitalism. While we have killed real revolutionists at first and have contaminated our hands to their blood directly or indirectly.” (Mojahed, vol.11) anyway the extent of this non-imperialistic battle was stretched to cooperation with the fascist of the Baas party and stood exactly in front of the people. Yet, it’s not late and the U.S. (that mentioned imperialism) is challenging Mojahedin’g strategic ally, namely Saddam Hussein. So, it’s better for Mojahedin not to lose the chance and remember their forgotten anti-imperialistic battle for its fulfillment they contaminated their hands to the Iranian people’s blood, and with Saddam’s assistance break the neck of Imperialism.

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