In an analysis broadcast from Mojahedin television, Iranian statesmen speeches
In an analysis broadcast from Mojahedin television, Iranian statesmen speeches and occasional news published in Iran papers were considered as Iran’s fear of this group. The estimation of Mojahedin military power by Iran is not clear. Whether these sayings shows their fear, or perhaps beyond all these claims is a mental war is not known either. But this is recognizable that Iran, according to evidences and documents and also the crisis of Iraq, does anything along the borders or takes some measures against Mojahedin it’s reasonable and logical. What’s unbelievable is Mojahedin’s “political coma”. They behave as if nothing has happened and everything is as they wish, as if they’ve forgotten that they’re the first victim themselves! Mojahedin know, better than anybody else, that any changes in Iraq regime will make their organization upside down. And also, they’re well aware that their current position is due to being selected by Saddam in order to strike Iran; and this choice itself was done thanks to the existence of Rajavi as a leader. Since 1993, that Mojahedin with Iraq coordination sent their terrorist teams into Iran, they’ve faced the phenomenon of “internal strokes”. Each time one or two teams were killed by their partners. This is due to the pressure that Mojahedin put on its members and they know that without this pressure they’ll be damaged internally. Although they recall the operation “Forough Javidan” proudly, it’s not necessary to mention again that the operation itself was done in prefect coma. They did it thanks to being entangled in a deadlock, and then with people’s resistance 80 percent of their main cadre and half of their organizational body were destroyed. Rajavi has already brought up the flag of death again and is not ready to come out of this coma; he has preferred death to misery. Therefore, it seems that Mojahedin, whether being a threat or not and whether attack or no, have decided not to come out of this coma and to go directly to the land of the dead.

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