It’s more than 2 decades that Mojahedin claim they will overthrow the government of Iran
It’s more than 2 decades that Mojahedin claim they will overthrow the government of Iran. Why they have such a claim is not that important and if it was amazing for some journalists in the past, It’s now become an empty and repetitive slogan. The origin of this claim refers to the dissatisfaction of some people who have said something when they have been young, and now that are old are, still ashamed of taking it back. Why it has taken two decades is not important either; for the repetition of this endless slogan may continue and then we will have to hear it occasionally. Furthermore, apparently there’s no limit and obscenity for it’s designer and this process may continue just as the overthrowing promise changed from 3 months to 6months and then to 1 year and…. The claim of overthrowing Iran by Mojahedin has become a satiric slogan of our time that has had exemplary lessons. Its satire has appeared in its reversed function and in practice: once Mojahedin, relying on their terrorist groups inside the country, hoped to overthrow the Iran government in a few months and they made some damages though. Mr.Rajavi, the initiator of the slogan of “overthrowing”, fled to foreign countries in order to prevent collapsing the “overthrow” on himself! And when he sought shelter outside the country he believed that the only factor for “overthrowing” is inadequacy of laws and bills, which he should present to the world in order to be accepted . Therefore, he started his journalistic activity so that the world wouldn’t become worried about this overthrowing but becomes ready for it. They did their best, used their full effort and apparently their only result was “useless aggression”. We can point to, as a lesson of these events, the Mojahedin’s useless insistence on this slogan and it’s ill-fated end up to the point that they resorted to the treacherous enemy of Iranian people. They did it due to this hope that if they can’t do anything, then Saddam, who was very powerful and had a wide support in political equations, after complete occupation of Iran and attaching Khuzestan to Iraq, will use them as a protégé government! So, they used whatever they had and served Saddam with the arts they had learned so that he may become victorious in the war, but he never became victorious and he was also known as an aggressor. At the end, when Saddam and Mojahedin couldn’t do anything, it was Iran that could overthrow itself. When the cease-fire was accepted by Iran, Mojahedin who considered the people and Basij as the factor of the Iran government’s survival, became sure that Iran is no longer able to provide a force for outsiders’ invasions; so, they ignored the facts and made the victorious line in the road to Tehran! Although it’s not necessary to review all theses fancies and delusions in detail, what passed proved the uselessness and stupidity of such fancies. The overthrowing slogan that was at first dependent on terroristic power, traveled it’s downward movement, and to become assured joined the means of superstitions and thousand external factors. One day war and the other day the end of war were the factors of Iran’s survival, in a certain period of time the death of Ayatollah Khomeini and in the other leadership crisis prepared everything for overthrowing. Once they introduced Iran’s regime as “one-sided”, another time as “two-sided” and now as “three-sided”. The initiator of the old slogan of overthrowing reviewed all aspects and showed the annihilation of Iran’s government in a near and very near future, but now, with all that insistence on that same slogan, says he doesn’t know when the overthrowing will happen! He also believes that one thousand and one external, internal, regional and international should join each other to pave the way for them, the way to get to the power. In fact, we think it’s necessary, in order to free Mr.Rajavi from power and overthrow melancholy, to remind him of some points: First, getting to power without war is not possible. Second, by the time those one thousand and one external factors join each other and come to help Mojahedin, those few old men remaining in Mojahedin will pass away or will separate from them. And third, all those who are familiar with the case of Iran are well aware of this fact that the government and the people of Iran have perfect consensus about one point and that’s nothing except confronting this group (Mojahedin). Furthermore, it doesn’t seem that Mojahedin will be able to pass the barrier of frontiersmen and tribes, but they’ll be judged right at that point That day, will be a very beautiful day The day of overthrow Complete overthrowing of terrorism in Iran.

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