One of the ways to encounter those who are disappointed and want to leave the Organization is to omit them physically, that is to kill them mysteriously. By this method, others won’t decide to separate or to weaken others’ morale. Some of those who were omitted by this method are listed as follows: A man with the nickname of Bashir, from Baluchistan, division 93. He was always happy and cheerful. Once in the morning, he was found dead in his bed with his body swollen. The organization announced brain disease as the cause of his death. Bashir had some problems with the organization after Forough operation and most of his criticisms were strategic. He said: “the organization has been entangled in a deadlock after Forough Javidan operation and ideological revolution is not a way out of this deadlock. He has been under the pressure of his commander, Tahmineh Rahimi, to revolt. Another man with the nickname of Mahmood, died in the buildings of settlements. A year ago, these buildings had been abandoned due to ideological divorces and the complex of “Cage” (or grave), which is one the most terrifying solitary prison cells or Rajavi, is next to these buildings. Mahmood’s corpse was found and buried after 3 days. The Organization didn’t announce the cause of death. In Division 96 a man who had problems with the Organization and had decided to secede, was entangled between to trucks and his head was mashed. The Organization announced that due to the darkness of the night and the dusts in the air, driver couldn’t see that he has been entangled. But if it was so, whole body should have been mashed! Two other women also died very suspiciously. The Organization announced that they’ve swallowed some tablets, while it was impossible to access tablets in Ashraf base. These two women had some problems with the organization and didn’t accept the ideological obligatory divorce. Another person was found dead in the place of settlements buildings with a piece of cloth in his mouth. His body was found by a group of women who had gone there to check the building after the ideological divorces. Hassan Mohammadi, returning from an operation, was drowned in a river very suspiciously. He was sentenced to death in 1986 by Mojahedin. He fled from a prison in Soleimanieh province to Baghdad. A meeting was held for him in Sa’adati Building in which Abbas Davari and Mohammad Hayati were present. He was later appointed to work in a cargo as a Sudanese person and after a while he was brought to military section as a simple supporter. Hassan Mohammadi was one of old Mojahedin members and had been in jail at the time of Shah Governorship. His brother was a high ranking person in the Organization but he left the group after being released from prison in 1978. Three others have been killed in so-called irregular operations. All these three men had problems with the Organization and their death is suspicious: One of these men is Mohammad Eftekhari whose wife, Fahimeh, is living in Holland as a refugee. Another one is Davood Ahamdi. He was hanged in May 1989 in Ashraf base. His death place was likened to a suicide scene. Mohammad Gamoosh committed suicide in Debes prison and his body was buried behind the section 200 of this prison. In Kurdistan region in Iran, a man called Abbas was shot by his commander accidentally. It seemed that he was shot accidentally but in reality it was pre-planned. He was an old member of the Organization and he was under prosecution because of his problems with the Organization. He was sent to military section and then he was killed in a pre-planned scene. A woman called Zahra was appointed as a simple chef in the kitchen, after she was unfrocked. Her body was found in the refrigerator. Another woman called Nahid was thrown out of the 1st floor of Shafaee building in Kirkuk and she died instantly. It was announced that she had committed suicide. The Organization said that she suffered from psychopathic disease and she had committed suicide in the absence of her teachers. Mojtaba Mir Miran (Baron) was a poet and worked in propaganda section. He was hanged in the last apartment, 3rd floor of Mirzaee building in 1986. The Organization announced it as a suicide. He had severe problems with the Organization. In 1984, a girl called Zhaleh ran between 2 trains in Paris and committed Suicide. This girl didn’t accept the ideological revolution and was severely under mental pressure. A group of separated members of Mojahedin-e khalq

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