Sometimes we hear irrelevant comments in Iraq and we read hot words about the current and future status of this country’s
Iraqi based “Al-Hewar Al-Motamadden” Newspaper Sometimes we hear irrelevant comments in Iraq and we read hot words about the current and future status of this country’s relations with other countries, especially with its neighbors like Kuwait and Iran. These two countries had a bitter experiment with Iraq. Kuwait witnessed six months of occupation by Iraqis during which it was destroyed and its residents were detained. Iran also was attacked by our country. The war between two countries took 8 years and both sides suffered many damages. Apart from property damages, the best young people of both sides were killed. … Another issue is the comments published in “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat”. Emad Al-Ramahi, spokesman of tribal groups who recently had a visit from London and met with a number of Lords, has commented on the situation of Iraq. He, on behalf of tribes, has rejected Iraqi Governing Council’s decision to expel MKO from Iraq and said: “this group is the guest of Iraqis and it’s not good to treat them in this way.”! He has also commented on Iraq’s reconstruction and protecting borders. At the end of his comments he has said: “Iraq has a series of historical rights in Iraq and it should get them even at the cost of a new war with Iran.” These comments by Mr. Ramahi are fully unacceptable. Regarding this claim that they are guests of Iraqis I should point to that proverb that says “they bite the hand that feeds them.” This organization was representative and ally of former Iraqi regime and easily massacred Iraqi people and buried them in mass graves. The best example for this is the events of March 1991. Therefore, it’s not suitable to treat this organization as a guest since they have not acted like guests. But about Mr. Ramahi’s comment on protecting borders by using this organization I should say to him that, it’s like giving a flock to a thief; since everybody knows that this organization was considered as ally of Saddam Hussein and if the responsibility of protection of the borders is given to them, they’ll provide the entrance of terrorists into Iraq. In addition, they will be out to break stability and security of Iraq. And about Mr. Ramahi’s idea of starting a new war with Iran, I should say that it’s a meaningless hollow word. This is a word which we expect to hear from no one except warmonger people like this man. These people like to start a blood bath in order to satisfy their sick minds. What’s this war Mr. Ramahi is looking for? Has he ever heard of international organization where countries take their differences and problems there in order to solve them without using barbaric methods? On the other hand, Iraq has not previous properties and humanitarian sources to enter a war! Furthermore, who has told him that Iraqis like to enter a war under the flag of monkeys?! And finally, who has given him the right to be the spokesman of Iraqi people? One of the significant issues these days is that some people claim they are representatives of Iraqi people and talk on behalf of them! I want to ask Mr. Ramahi and others, who protested to IGC’s decision to expel MKO from Iraq, that : What’s your relation with Mojahedin? Aren’t these people the same ones who killed your Iraqi brothers in rebellion day in 1991? Aren’t they the ones for whom former Iraqi regime took the food from the mouths Iraqi orphans to put inside the mouths of these dogs? Isn’t this group the one that the US, despite its enmity with Iran, has put on its list of terrorist organizations? Knowing all these, does it have honor to defend these villains? And finally, what’s the benefit of keeping these leeches, which harm us and have no benefit for Iraq’s pure soil, in Iraq?

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