You can barely find someone who is not familiar with the records of Mojahedin-e Khalq organization. People still have the
You can barely find someone who is not familiar with the records of Mojahedin-e Khalq organization. People still have the memories of the crimes done by this terrorist group. From the ordinary people to the country’s officials, no one has been safe from their crimes. Bombing in Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A), in which many pilgrims achieved martyrdom and some were wounded, is only an example of MKO’s terrorist activities. Destroying oil facilities in border regions and attacking Tehran with mortars as well as military operation (Eternal Light Operation) are some other examples which have been done against the security and national interests of Iran. During Iraq imposed war on Iran, Mojahedin organization had practically changed into “the body” of Ba’th party’s army and it was also involved in espionage activities beside military activities. They had an important role in suppressing the Iraqis’ uprising in 1991. So, their hand were stained with the blood or Iraqi people as well as the blood of Iranians. In return, Saddam directly supported them. Giving them different bases, facilities, equipments, weapons and 400 military tanks, armored vehicles and even helicopters, were all done to strengthen this group. Since the United States claims of fighting against terrorism, it was expected that it would destroy this group as soon as finding it. But, reports indicate that the US, in an agreement signed on 15th April, has vowed to protect them has let them continue their activities. Mojahedin, in return, have accepted to be useful for the US by doing more than what they did for Saddam. Spying against anti-occupation Iraqis and assisting the US in suppressing the protests are a part of their new service to their new master. This is the first time that the US cooperates with an organization which has been declared as terrorist by the US itself. Not only shows this the US double standards in confronting the issue of terrorism, but also it could be an introduction for US’s next targets specially about Iran. US cooperation with MKO provides our national media with a chance to define and describe the dimension of this case for all the people and try to illuminate world’s thoughts about the US functions and targets. At the end, it is useful to say that the US owes it new soldiers to the delay of our officials. Despite having a lot of opportunities; our Islamic republic never followed severely the issue of MKO and didn’t try to destroy it completely. Our government delayed so that Mojahedin went to the bosom of the US and escaped in fact. Really, what will be the compensation for such delay?

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