We wrote to you on 19th March 2004 to express our concern about the increasing activities of Mojahedin-e Khalq/National
Open Letter to the Foreign Minister of Germany Mr Joschka Fischer Foreign Minister Auswartiges Amt Wederscher Mark 1 10117 Berlin Federal Republic of Germany 26 April 2004 Dear Mr. Fischer, We wrote to you on 19th March 2004 to express our concern about the increasing activities of Mojahedin-e Khalq/National Council of Resistance of Iran (MKO/NCRI) in Köln and other German cities. In particular we raised our concern for the security of Mr Rastgou, an Iranian German citizen in Köln who has been the target of terrorist MKO/NCRI agents in your country. Regrettably our latest information indicates that the MKO/NCRI has already transferred the bulk of its headquarters to Köln and from there has begun expanding its terrorist activities to coordinate other bases. It is unfortunate that the German government has allowed this terrorist organisation to import its Fedayeen forces from Iraq and to transfer its HQ to your country. This could easily have been prevented at any time whether at the time of Maryam Rajavi’s arrest in Paris on terrorism charges, or in August 2003 when the USA did exactly what was required. That is, to add the NCRI front name to the list of terrorist entities alongside the MKO and NLA (National Liberation Army of Iran). With not much effort, the UK, Canada, Australia and Italy acted and stopped them before MKO/NCRI activities took root in those countries. To our dismay, we have been informed that the MKO/NCRI’s intimidation of critics of the cult has already escalated to new levels. It appears therefore that residents and citizens of Germany who speak out against this cult, particularly those in Köln, no longer enjoy the protection of the German government from the treats issuing out of Mr. Rajavi’s new German HQ. After receiving many documented threats from the MKO/NCRI cult’s agents, and after exhausting every other avenue of remedy, Mr Rastgou is refusing to bow to threats to his family and to his life in order to silence him and has sent an open letter to Mr Gerhard Schroeder in which he explains the criminal activities directed against him by these terrorists and has asked for protection for himself and his family. We and other human right organisation, while observing the unfolding of events in Germany, would stress that the government of Germany is responsible for the security of its citizens as well as political refugees in the country. This responsibility covers the basic right to live in peace as well as protection against any physical and moral damages including but not limited to financial damage. There has already been a regrettable history of self-immolations, suicides and direct attacks, using weapons in Europe which we are sure you are aware of. Considering and regretting the open hand the MKO/NCRI enjoys in your country and considering the violent history of the cult especially against its critics and former members, we would like to express our deep concern about the groups and individuals who have been targeted by MKO/NCRI agents in Germany. We emphasise the role of the MKO/NCRI’s HQ in Köln and the lack of seriousness of the German authorities in dealing with such a simple issue, and have to warn again that the protection of the basic rights of your citizens and residents to live in peace and security lie primarily with your Government and its agencies. While remaining deeply concerned, we would welcome any inquiries which the German authorities may have. Yours sincerely, CC Office of Gerhard Schröder Amnesty International Human Rights Watch

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