The Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO) reports that your good self has been in Ashraf camp in Iraq, where they are being
Dear Mr Paulo Casaca, The Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO) reports that your good self has been in Ashraf camp in Iraq, where they are being held by the US military for a few days. I quote you from their publication which has you saying: ”I would like to send a message to my friends in Ashraf camp, where I was present for a few days at the beginning of this month and it was an interesting experience for me. The Mojahedin in an organization which would like to bring tolerance and friendship to their country.” Assuming that the sentences used by the MKO are the correct words used by yourself, I would like to suggest that you listen to the words of somebody who has spent not a few days, but a few years of her life in the same camp that you visited. Somebody who, with her all being and identity, was mixed with the organisation and her organisational identity had overcome her individual identity according to the teachings of the organisation. The result of a deliberate, directed and contagious disease that has been passed to all other remaining members. A cure for this disease is not possible except by separating and freeing the victim from the organisation’s psychological manipulations and brainwashing. The reason being that these people have been brainwashed over a long period of time and it is obvious that the treatment cannot be sudden and or through administering a prescribed medicine. Allowing freedom of thought and time are the key factors to overcoming the effects imposed by the cult over a long period of time. You said, in respect to your experience over a few days, “The Mojahedin is an organisation which would like to bring tolerance and friendship to their country”. Now let me speak about my experience of years with them and emphasise that “The Mojahedin is an organisation which has never been committed to democratic rules, it has shown its hysteria for any kind of power, and in no way could it be described as a follower of peace and friendship, as it is committed to its cult like relationships”. Myself and hundreds like me, with our socialist ideas in harmony with our religious beliefs, which could bring to life some great values, joined the Mojahedin in 1979 so that we could bring “peace and freedom” to our country and our people. It did not take long before we found ourselves in Iraq and dissolved in a relationship with the Ba’ath Party to the extent that the puppets of Saddam would look upon us as role models of loyalty, and we became the private army of the Mokhaberat (Security Services) of Iraq. I would suggest that you watch some of the videotapes which were secretly filmed by the Mokhaberat of Iraq, which came into the open after the fall of the Saddam regime, and judge for yourself. How can a terrorist organisation which would choose its terror victims according to the orders of Taher Haboush (the Head of Saddam’s Security Services) dare talk about love of people or desire for peace? It is years now that the people of Iran have knowingly and deliberately turned their back on the Mojahedin organisation, which shows their political understanding. Of course the Mojahedin have alienated their own members and supporters who dare to speak about these realities. The organization imprisoned them so the others would understand the price of criticism. There are many who have had to undergo imprisonment and torture ordered directly by Mr and Mrs Rajavi. Above and beyond that, was the exposure of the plans of the so called National Council of Resistance to eliminate disaffected members and critics. If you really would like to know about the Mojahedin organisation, many of these critical former members, who have been saved through the efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Iraq, are now residing in European counties within your easy reach. It would be only fair to ask of you that now you have seen the Mojahedin in Iraq, why not see some of their critics so you may be shown some of the opportunistic and Saddam-like faces of this cult. Then you would make your own choice with full knowledge and people would not put your support down to lack of knowledge and information. Of course you yourself know well that the support of people like you will not and never has affected the reality of the Mojahedin equation. If that was the case, their best possibility would have been when their main benefactor Saddam Hussein was supporting them with all possible logistics. Mr Casaca, Have the Mojahedin let you see their prisons so you would know a little bit more about their tolerance? Have you ever asked them to explain about the forced separation of families and spouses? Have you ever asked them about the fate of the children of the Mojahedin? Have you ever asked yourself what has been the other side to the equation of receiving all that material and financial support from Saddam Hussein? Have you ever asked the Mojahedin about the massacre of the northern Kurds and the Shiites in the south of Iraq? Have you ever asked the Mojahedin about the strategy of ‘war in the cities’ and the murder of thousands of people in Iran? Would it not be better if you reminded your friends that launching mortars into a civilian population would not bring about democracy? Have cults or sects ever been correctly described in socialist methods, since you identify yourself as a socialist? Have you not even asked the Mojahedin why, by using every opportunistic and personality cult methods, they changed a revolutionary force into an armed cult? Have you ever asked for an explanation about the role of Mr Rajavi as the ideological leader who has never made a mistake and never will? Have you not asked them how did they justify themselves when they ordered the self-immolations in several European capitals? … The Mojahedin, which is noting more that a cult with no credit, has ready made answers for all these questions! The Mojahedin have been trained to discredit every critic by relating them to the Intelligence Services of Iran, and label every critic as an infiltrator of the Iranian regime! And if they are under question from international, legal or political organisations, to associate these international bodies with dirty deals with the Islamic Republic of Iran! This has been, and is, the normal method. The writer of this letter has been through the training for it, as well as using it, for many years. And this is the method that is being used against me at this time. Yours sincerely, Maryam Khoshnevis 15 May 2004

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