Nowadays and after the statement of Iraq governing council about the exiling of Mojahedin, here presented many ways to
Nowadays and after the statement of Iraq governing council about the exiling of Mojahedin, here presented many ways to exit for Mojahedin from analysts and Iraq affairs devisors. As a result of US commanders’ position and the members of governing council’s, it can be deduced that US attend to support this statement and to solve the MKO presence dilemma in Iraq. In this case, general Ricardo Sanchez confirming US agreement about this matter, emphasized on choosing a right way to face this problem. Jalal Talebani, expressing that this decision is directed by council itself, emphasized that this matter was presented to US forces and they accept that as well. The return of this issue implies that US do not want to do anything for this group in the way of war on terror. Disagreement of granting asylum to the members of his group by the regional countries, is clear; in such a situation and according to recent transitions in early months in Iraq and about Iran, no country is ready to accept the Mojahedin as a opposition group of Iran. Jordan, considered to grant asylum to this group or to transmit them from its territory, firmly announced that there is no opportunity for them to enter or being accepted. US officials claimed that the members of this group, under control of US forces in the base, are the unimportant ones or children; although this may be true, expressing this matter by US officials implies underplaying of this matter by US officials and flattening the way of restitution of them to Iran. Iranian officials even in the highest attitude Khatami, the president, show the leniency of Iran on this issue and before that Talibani has claimed that Iran will forgive the members of MKO in condition of returning. All prospect of the destiny of MKO, imply that all reasonable ways lead to Iran and apparently, the forces of this group have no choice excepting that. But the leader of this group, like always, not only didn’t acquiesce to these reasonable and humanistic ways, but also decided to handle a humanistic disaster. According to received information, now the authorities of this group making an adventurous background are trying to force all the members to eat cyanide pill if any decision made on transmitting them to Iran. It is reported from previous months of visiting of the MKO members’ families in Ashraf base in Baghdad, that some of the top authorities of this group, ordered from the leader, had mounted cyanide pills in the little leather grips hanging on their necks in order to use in the emergency and unexpected conditions and commit suicide so that no one can get information from them. The fact is that this procedure is one of the ancient and unblemished customs in the relations of Mojahedin; and one who has no way must commit suicide. Either in team houses or in operations of this organization in Iraq, all participating persons have cyanide pills with themselves in order not to be captured alive. In operations there were many members who exploded grenade in front of their faces when just felt that there was no way, and these were all for the avarices of the leader of this group and increasing the number of victims. In such situation, all human rights groups and writers and publications must notice to this issue before any other ones. Although, Iranian officials took moderate positions about the destiny of Mojahedin several times, moreover it can be granted necessary warranties from political and juridical channels about the forgiving of low-level members of this group and rightful trial of the leaders of this organization; like what done for Abdullah Oujalan, it can be done for this group and restitution of them. If the leader of the organization use his Mafia clutches in the last moments and order to suicide, not only it will be a deep humanistic disaster, but also it can evoke the feelings of regional people for a while; moreover, no one will accept the responsibility of that and certainly it will be mentioned as a great epic. While Mojahedin had shown that always devote their members and properties in the emergency conditions to save the legionary leader of theirs. It is not pass yet that a disaster happened in European cities; those who immolated themselves just for chantage and to extrude Maryam Rajavi from the judiciary system of France, and forced Europeans to commiserate them so that ultimately achieved to their aim and daunt France judicatory. For Mr. Rajavi it didn’t take cost so much; he just immolated some people and achieved to what he wanted. We warn about the disaster going to happen in Iraq!!! All who look at the humanistic and judiciary aspects of this problem, must think about prevention of that before any harsh disaster happen, because tomorrow is late!!!

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