We can’t say tht the presence of Mojahedin, with knowing this fact that US attack was certain, is something that has been pushed on them due to the situation of war because they had transferred some 200 of their main members to Europe just 2
We can’t say tht the presence of Mojahedin, with knowing this fact that US attack was certain, is something that has been pushed on them due to the situation of war because they had transferred some 200 of their main members to Europe just 2 weeks before the war started. Leaving other members of MKO in Iraq was because of accomplishing pre-planned “Eternal Light operation 2”. The military design of this operation had been drawn long before the US attack. They were supposed to send their forces in the form of scattered teams of 2 to 3 into Iran. These teams were supposed to perform guerilla and sporadic war in Iran and against border police stations. But the changes in situation and immediate fall of Saddam destroyed Mojahedin’s maneuverability. The bombing of their bases by US airplanes ruined everything and led to killing of some of their members as well as their casualties. In such a situation Mojahedin organization had been entangled in a lethal deadlock. On one hand, Kurds were ready to revenge because MKOs had killed their compatriots in 1991( and in facts some clashes took place between them but Mr. Talabani came in and finished the conflict), and on the other hand US and UK airplanes had attacked them while Iraqi Shiites hated them because MKOs had played the role of spies for Iraqi government during 1991. It can be said that generally, all Iraqi people hate MKO. So, Mojahedin are now surrounded by different kinds of enemies. Golden time of Saddam, who gave them anything they wanted, has finished and MKO and NLA (national liberation army) has lost its spiritual father and the weapons of anger and hatred have targeted them from everywhere. Mr. Rajavi had put the first brick, namely “strategic alliance with Saddam”, improperly and their wall was not built straight, so it was destroyed over them. No nation likes aliens to come and use their country as a base for their acts, like Iranians who are not satisfied with the presence of Iraqis in Iran Iraqi people are not satisfied with the presence of Mojahedin in their country and look at them as spies. In such situation, Rajavi had only 2 ways: to confess his errors and his wrong analysis during past 24 years and apologize people of Iran and Iraq and return to the wise independent opponents of Iran’s regime or to sell himself to a higher force, namely the US. Unfortunately, according to his power-seeking nature Mr. Rajavi selected the second way and despite his slogans at the beginning of the revolution who said “we will make another Vietnam for the imperialist America” he went to the bosom of that same imperialist and as it’s been reflected in his announcement he considers this act as a victory. Mr. Rajavi has understood this kind of deal and in his announcement with his sign as “the head of National Council of Resistance” he runs forward and declares that “from tomorrow, we will be called the henchmen of the US” We believe that this turn is a moral defeat, along with other military-political and ideological failures for this group and its leader. From now on this organization will appear with a new form in the political scene of Iran and will certainly have a more betrayal role than the time of Saddam. Thus, we warn the US to forget using MKOs against Iran, since with the hatred of people toward this group it will strengthen Islamic republic of Iran. We warn all forces, democrat, modern or freedom-seeking to be careful about the slyness of this group in dealing with West and we try to separate the body of this organization from its leadership who wants to serve to Americans’ desires and we want to think of their savior in a safe European country. Most of MKOs have been killed, not in battle with Iran, but in Iraq’s crisis and it’s possible that others may be killed. Therefore it’s a national duty to save the body of this group. We are sure that Iraq’s future government, whatever it would be, will not be able to ignore the demands of Iraqi people and let this group act in its soil. People will not let the new government have financial and military ties with Rajavi, that times have passed. The US also won’t be able to protect Mojahedin in Iraq because Iraq is for Iraqis not Americans. So, Mr. Rajavi’s happiness in selling himself successfully with a cheap price to Americans will not take long and he should soon leave Iraq.

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