The armed method [of fighting], in Iran was the gift of a strange thought. “Massive armed movements” and “city guerilla
The armed method [of fighting], in Iran was the gift of a strange thought. “Massive armed movements” and “city guerilla battles” were not Iranian at all. Essentially after the appearance of communism and its victory in the Soviet Union, these theories were a way for east superpower’s penetration. It was a puppet show. It was an indemnity that third world’s intellectual received from its people in order to balance the equation of east and west powers. Iran society also shared this gift. The seed of this behavior, little and frozen, was sowed in the minds of a part of intellectuals. The intellectual, who stays in the speech’s front, went to the society’s basement, kept distance from culture, restricted the science in the translated Marxist texts, and turned the wisdom to a means of solving the problems of hidden and organizational life. Their patterns and role models are as follows: Marx in fighting strategy, Lenin as an encyclopedia of fighting organizational laws, Mao for the way of using the fighting theories in the peasant society and Cheguevara for making psychological acceptance of new forms of fighting among youths and intellectuals… . Marx puts the duty of midwifery over the shoulder of revolutionary intellectual and believes that people have to go on a way which he has drawn. It seems that Lenin’s art is that he has theorized all the philosophical thoughts of Machiavelli and Niche as political and organizational laws. He believes that honor is as “childish sickness” and considers the “shaking hand with Satan” as the maximum of revolution. Mao believed that guerilla missions should be done without considering moral, benevolence, humanity and justice limitations. He really did this to millions of innocent people. And it’s not clear what communists would have done, if they hadn’t have Cheguevara, and how they would have entertained the youths of the third world. Now, this intellectual who had only memorized a few outstanding political expressions and read old translated communist texts(though after years he learns that communists themselves accept no longer these books) and had put a 45 caliber under his arm, argued that his name must be pioneer or initiator or … . Guerilla puts the people’s blood on auction, and considers the society as a laboratory in which he should perform the theories he had read in the books, and since they were afraid of falling behind each other risked their lives. They endangered the lives of their friends in the jungle, mountains or in a team house, without knowing why they should do this. Then it was useless to talk about the element of morality and ideal criteria. They had to become guerilla or to perform as guerillas to be paid attention to… This very weapon started to talk when suppression of people and clerics by Shah’s dictatorship had caused political suffocation. The autocracy of Shah’s government had caused the isolation of intellectuals and those who believed in political activity inside the system. Idealism had taken away the dare to blemish or question, and every questioner was accused of political apostasy. Most important of all was the naked military dictatorship which appeared in the 15th of Khordad in 1342 and made a dusty and gloomy situation in which there was no opened window for recognizing the obscenity of “just bullet and nothing else”. The charming smile of parliamentarians also indicated that they are good supporters of the choice of “armed method”, and they frankly said that our o omission from the scene of competition is the cause of the appearance of this phenomenon. Guerillas, which thought themselves as pioneers and navigator and made fun of society’s cultural life by teachings borrowed from communism, were looking for a solution for how to pass their bloody way and were really engaged in themselves. The armed method, before finding the chance to find a way and before reaching the practical scene, became unable in front of the dictatorship. And it could never have a real and practical product. They [guerillas] increased people’s grieves before they could decrease it, and with the first division they targeted their friends’ chests, and invitation to “melted silver” yielded to a bitter an ugly memory in the social and political situation of Iran. A thinker expresses the situation of the groups, believing in guerilla policy and their concerns in Iran as follows: “communists and specially the Soviet Union, with heroic actions, made the people’s kids cough in the gunpowder smoke and caused them to be killed easily, the kids who changed their criteria day by day. Their only art was staying together for a few years and then divided. They kept people’s emotions waiting and killed their desires with escapade. They showed the cyanide under their jaws to the heroic youths and when the time came spit it or put in under the tooth of those very youths. They were unaware that it was their “culture” that should have swallowed cyanide. The wound they made on the body of the family and woman is still their own hamper. They paid no attention to the inborn legitimacy of human beings, and you couldn’t talk about “moralities”, “standards” and abstinence in front of them. They made fun of everything and laughed at them. The result was: “a nature which was added to inanimate and a wisdom which was much manipulated…. Who did take advantage of this political drudgery for communists? The Americans, benefiting from this stubbornness, entered their whole systems into the country and made the government more confidential than ever. What was remained from this movement was only gangstrism and gunmanship by which their own movement was afflicted with. Others, who were in prisons and instead of inspecting their own errors and analyzing their thought basis believed in purifying the left movement as their duty, wrote compositions and thought they’re giving analysis. They, ridiculously or intentionally, defended the same rotten theories and considered arm battle as society’s main affair. They had managed their fighting program against the savants of the fighting front with dictatorship and hadn’t accepted guerilla policy. So in the prisons also, their duty was to simplify the Shah’s security system, which was making divisions among forces and weakening the cultural process. This behavior, more than anything else, was the target of their assaults. Any principles and any extensions were laughed at except believing in armed battle and city guerilla. I wish they could have had a move against dictatorship in practice. In the “leadership compound”, they had forgotten the people and since were in the prison didn’t want the people to deserve revolution. So, they harbored the grudge of revolutionists, and essentially didn’t believe in doctrinal revolution. Therefore, combination of communism gift with a group that its obvious characteristics were extremism, aggression and non-thinking, yielded to a dumb and deaf child’s born, called “Terrorism”. In revolution, people woke up and, without need to arm and with speech, opened the restrictions and thrown the means of torture away. Terrorism, this illegitimate child, walked into the society and started its physical life. It couldn’t bear respiration in the fresh air, and maneuvered politically by any excuses. Its ideal was a blood bath through which the society should pass by. It was paining because everything was not destroyed completely. A suppressed complex has nested inside the depth of terrorism life. It was always looking for dispute and pretended to be the society’s servant, but it had the desire of “dominance”. This silly and stupid child was inclined to its predecessors in the Soviet Union. It didn’t believe in any direct ways and had no desires except fulfillment of blood bath, no abilities except taking weapons and no natural and reasonable responses to social changes. Terrorism is the way to addiction to the weapons, bombs and bloodsheds. It can’t be anything else and doesn’t deserve anything else. The story of terrorism in Iran contains a lesson. The dark and pitiful destiny of those, who wanted entity and power and, who were in fight with the people who had freed them, is the reminder of the first sin after the creation, namely “the devil’s revolt”.

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