In the following article we bring the latest positioning of world’s political and governmental officials against the terrorist
In the following article we bring the latest positioning of world’s political and governmental officials against the terrorist group of Mojahedin-e Khalq, which has been reflected in the international media: The U.S. department of state has emphasized several times that Saddam’s regime is supporting terrorist groups and trains them, gives them base and equipments. White house announced in September 2002 that the president Bush consider this group as Saddam ally and that he considers it as a case for removing Saddam. The U.S. department of state spokesman, Richard Boucher, once again and among international reporters warned this group that “if Mojahedin stand against U.S. troops in support of Saddam, the U.S. will encounter them severely.” AFP in an analysis of Iraq crisis emphasizes: “Washington called this group an international terrorist organization in 1997.” Sunday Times says in a report based on the admissions of 2 Mojahedin defectors: “Mojahedin bases are used to hide Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.” This report adds that Iraq has large laboratories hidden beneath a pool in Ashraf Base (Mojahedin’s main base 43 miles north of Baghdad). Radio Farda declares according to Kurd opposition sources that Mojahedin forces have been settled around the cities of Kirkuk and Khanaqin. Guardian newspaper, in a report about Iraq, points out the loyalty of Mojahedin to Saddam and adds some information about the settlement of Mojahedin forces along the borders of Jordan, Syria and some of Iraq’s main cities. Kansas city news website reported on February 23rd that Mojahedin terrorist group is the last defensive ring for Iraq’s main cities; this news website adds: “Mojahedin are harsh militia strongly loyal to Saddam.” These reports have been disclosed based on a news about the meeting of Rajavi and Ezzat Ibrahim and also coordination between Mojahedin and Iraq’s intelligent agency. Ezzat Ibrahim in the meeting with Rajavi had said that according to Baghdad’s scenario, Mojahedin’s duty is to suppress Kurds and Shiites. The 2nd army of Iraq also has had the duty to train this group the way of working with missiles having a range over 150 kilometers. Alsharqalawsat reminded its readers once again of this fact that the U.S.’s point of view toward Saddam and Mojahedin is the same, so that Mojahedin bases will be the target of U.S. military airplanes. Another news and analysis made Mojahedin very angry so that they insulted its reporter, namely Emma Nicholson. Emma Nicholson, the founder of Amar and the member of Britain’s House of Lords and MEP, declared through out a report: “Supporting the terrorist group of Mojahedin, Saddam violates the U.N. resolution No.678 which prevents Iraq from supporting terrorist groups.” Nicholson, bravely, called Mojahedin a threat to the world security and described them as murderers that have formed private army for Saddam, and she called for an end to their operations. She, speaking in a session of European Parliament, emphasized: “they strike smoothly and deadly. Those murderers who form Mojahedin organization and kill innocent people should be stopped, with war or without war.” These statements were reflected in many European media: In an analysis about Mojahedin, Sadegh Saba, BBC’s analyst and correspondent, described Mojahedin’s future as gloomy and predicted that the U.S. army will bombard Mojahedin bases along with the war on terror. Some reports from news websites, such as Daily Star, reveal that Mojahedin are trying to get asylum in European countries. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman warned European countries not to turn into bases for terrorists. Radio Farda during a report from Leili Sadr drawn the ambiguous and dark future of Mojahedin in Iraq once again. UPI according to the witnesses from Iraq’s Kurdistan stated that “Mojahedin forces are preparing the oil well-heads in Kirkuk for demolition according to a mission by Saddam.” At this time, Indian Express expresses concern over the possibility of sending weapons for India’s terrorist group by Iraq. This concern is on the basis of this fact that Saddam supports Mojahedin and its terrorist group and Mohammed Albradai, in the meeting of atomic energy experts, warned about the possibility of terrorist groups accessing to “dirty bombs”. Alsharqalawsat stated in a report that: “the U.S and Britain have guaranteed that there will be no Mojahedin-e Khalq in the future of Iraq.”

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