20 years ago, when Mojahedin allies and left opposition forces warned Mojahedin of having relationships with Iraq government, Mojahedin criticized them for not having an understanding of real situation and revolutionary flexibility in the way of reaching power. During recent weeks also, Mojahedin, who see U.S. threats toward Iraq are serious, have tried to send messages to the U.S. that they have no relations with Iraqi government and that they’re the best substitute for Iran government. Principally, the survival of Mojahedin lies in the strategic coalitions and using forces and personages. Since Mojahedin are not accepted politically due to their extremist and warmonger entity, they use power, facilities and political position of the forces to pass the steps toward the political power. In 80s, they deceived Bani Sadr, who was considered as a powerful man, and got a license from him for their aggressive actions. While they considered him as a liberal and bourgeois man who will open the way of imperialism to Iran again, as soon as they found that Bani Sadr is no longer playing a decisive role in Iran’s political scene they betrayed him and insulted him and his family and even claimed that he owes his life to them. They did the same with Democratic Party of Kurdistan and Dr. Qasemloo. When they used Party’s logistic and geographical equipments in Kurdistan region, they considered it as an ally of national council of resistance. But as they got facilities and weapons from Iraq, they introduced Democratic party and Qasemloo as betrayers and compromisers and insulted them with ugliest words. Among forced abroad whose power Mojahedin wanted to use, it wasn’t a better situation. They bid farewell to some left and socialist parties since they saw the capitalism in Europe as more powerful, and they never tried to become close to those parties again. They fled from groups and liberation armies of Latin and central America (they talked and took photographs with these groups to show their anti-imperialist feelings) in order not to attract US and Europe’s attention to themselves. Patriotic Union of Kurdistan was one of external assisting groups for Mojahedin. Later on there were bloody clashes with between these groups according to Saddam’s order. Using all available equipments and weapons, Mojahedin terrorist group revenged all forces in the social-political scene of Iran, whether inside the country or abroad and took sabotaging position toward them to show that Mojahedin is an assured group for the future of Iran. Now that Mojahedin see that removal of Saddam is certain, they think of betraying Saddam in order to get the license of staying in Iraq from Americans. It’s amazing that Mojahedin are ready to betray their best supporter, so United States destiny is already known. There’s no doubt that Mojahedin, in dealing with Americans, will use Lenin’s strategy that said: “to reach victory, one should shake hand with Satan”, and their dream for Americans is the same as Sandinistas’ dream a for the U.S.

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