I’m Abbas Sadeghi Nejad, with a high deputy rank of Mojahedin organization and with the experience of 13 years in Iraq
I’m Abbas Sadeghi Nejad, with a high deputy rank of Mojahedin organization and with the experience of 13 years in Iraq and 20 years of political work. I and two others succeeded in fleeing from Mojahedin’s base in Jelula and I surrendered myself to UNHCR in north Iraq and I asked for political asylum. Now, I live in one of European countries as political refugee. The reasons of separation and escaping from Mojahedin organization 1- the existence of prison and psychological and physical torturing of dissident members and those who want to leave the organization. 2- Having seen murdering some dissident members in Mojahedin prison, such as Parvis Ahmadi, Ghorban Ali Torabi, Ali Khoshhal, Elias Karimi and… 3- The intelligent-security cooperation between Mojahedin and Iraq government and using Ashraf Base as a safe place for hiding Iraq’s WMD since 1997. 4- Witnessing internal inhumane, illegal trials of about 50 members in 2001 and witnessing trials of about 400 persons in smaller courts called “Boiler” and “weekly ablution.”. they’re very similar to the courts of mind investigation in middle ages. 5- Delivering dissident members, after keeping them in Mojahedin prisons for 2 to 5 years, to Iraqis in Abu Gharib prison and then exchanging them with Islamic republic of Iran. 6- Witnessing the sessions of systematic investigation of members called “the project of passing the bourgeois bait” 7- Objection to the style of lining the forces after 9/11 attacks, when Masoud Rajavi planned another massacre of Mojahedin troops so that he could justify his presence in Iraq for the European countries after Saddam. The details of Rajavi’s crimes in the mentioned items will be given in the next interviews.

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