Is the US satisfied with turning potential international threats to de factos and then it thinks of standing against them?
Introduction Classified Documents of Estekhbarat (Iraq Intelligent Agency) Is the US satisfied with turning potential international threats to de factos and then it thinks of standing against them? Up to now, it has been determined that whenever the US has supported a terrorist group, it has led to the appearance of criminals like Saddam, Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Will the US follow the same rule with Rajavi’s group? With the fall of Saddam, the most terrifying dictator of the world, a part of current realities of Iraq’s society and government has become clear. The amount of plunders by Saddam and his family, Mass graves of Iraqi people in Iraq, suppression, Strangulation and erasing all political activists and … Certainly, a long time is needed in order to reveal all dimensions of Saddam’s crimes which include massacres, ethnical hostilities and his supporting of criminals and terrorist organizations. News agencies reported that forces have found more than 2000 kilos of classified documents from Iraq’s Estekhbarat (Intelligent Agency) which are now in CIA. These docs, which are now under the control of CIA, could help the disclosure of horrible activities of this dictator and could show dark angels of Saddam’s crimes against Iraqi people and neighboring countries. but it seems that Americans, regarding their purposes, consider it their exclusive right not to publish these docs. Publishing the docs of Iraq intelligent agency, which has done the most brutal acts, could clarify the root of many insecurities in the region. These docs include Saddam’s challenges with neighboring countries. Disclosure of these docs specially about Iran, has made the US become concerned of revealing its cooperation with Iraq during Iran-Iraq war. Recent surveys show that Saddam’s has been cooperating with CIA since late 60s. Taking advantage of these documents has been put in the agenda by CIA, in order to review Saddam’s half-done plans. The result of these studies will be in connection with long-term goals of the US in the region and in Iraq. A part of these docs have extraordinary importance due to the relationship between Saddam and terrorist groups and the amount of his support of them. These docs include secret information about Saddam’s use and support of MKO. A group promoted to an international terrorist organization by the support of Saddam, so that experts in Europe and in the US have warned about the threats of this group. These documents show the history of Iraqi officials’ relationship with this group during Shah’s governorship, then the way this group was taken to Iraq after 1979 Iranian revolution and also involvement in Kurdistan affairs which were done initially with the presence of some mediators. These documents also include joint meetings of MKO leaders such as Ibrahim Zakeri and Mehdi Abrishamchi in Baghdad, paving the way for Tariq Aziz meeting with Rajavi in France and the presence of some intelligent agents from European countries in these meetings. An important part of documents is related to finding a good way to cover relationships between MKO and Iraq which had been proposed by Saddam Hussein as a peace-seeking plan. The most important part of these documents refers to 20 years of presence of this group in Iraq, the way they were armed, the way they were financed, how they received money from Swiss banks, intelligent cooperation with Iraqis by interrogating Iranian captives, playing the role of 5th column for Iraq during Iran-Iraq war and the amount of information they gave to Saddam, the way Saddam interfered in some western countries by this group, Mojahedin members acting as spy in a number of countries, they way they were used in suppressing Iraqi people and …. “In March 1993, Mohammed Hussein Arbab, one of MKO veterans, was introduced to khaled, a Pak-Arab, by his Iraqi liaison, Khaled promised him that he will help MKO as much as he can. He sent his best regards for Mr. Rajavi. Later, khaled and his friends became very famous, Al-Qaeda.” These documents could help the US, which claims of campaign against terrorism, to prove that Saddam had really connections with terrorists.

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