Mullah Masoud Rajavi and Brother Mohammed Omar The obvious common characteristic between Taliban and Mojahedin is Rajavi’s special role who has called himself “master of masters” as a leader and Mohammed Omar’s Excellency who has called himself as Amir-Almo’menin (leader of all muslims, the highest degree in Islam). Rajavi, born in 1948, joined MKO when he was 19. When 23, he was put into jail and he was released from prison when he was only 30, at the time of Iran’s revolution. At that time, he knew himself as a Leftist Radical and anti-Imperialist. What constitute his life are his friends’ intentional stories about him. He, along with the founder of the group, was engaged in designing the ideology of the group and they could spread their own kind of interpretation of Islam among others! And eventually, he started the wave of terrorism in Iran with the desire of reaching power. “Ideological Revolution” is the name he has chosen for the functional system of his group. In this system, he is not reachable; and he is the only one who can define the ideological meaning of death or life. In such beliefs, the members are called on to obey completely. These all help to his full power in the group. Mohammed Omar, in 1990, was only 27 when he entered a school in Peshawar, which was a sub-school of India’s Diwbandi Schools. At that time, he presented himself as a “hero in fight with Soviet Union’s occupiers. In 1994, he decided to take the gun again. For this stage of his life there are some purified legends by Taliban which have been spread among people. this time, he wants to play the role of young Robin hood and wants to free Afghanistan from improper rulers. The source of his successful symbolic acceptance by people was his inviting people in a very mysterious way. His claims were similar to Sufi inspirations which were accepted among Pashton tribes. Two sides of a coin The common essence between Mojahedin and Taliban is their shallow, petrified and contradictory interpretations of Islam. Those who are familiar with their ideologies are witnessing wide contradictory divisions in their idea and practice. With this process, they are unable to give a full and general definition of what they think of. While Islam is the religion of kindness for all, their radical interpretation of Islam introduces Islam as a tool of violence and fight. Mojahedin present their Marxist views in new pockets called “revolutionary Islam.” They’re affected by Marxist culture and leftist movements in the world. They came to existence and tried their best to show a harsh picture of Islam. Mojahedin still look for the meaning of life in fighting and consider Islam’s function as the program of fighting classes which has come in Marxism. The ideology of Taliban is a mixture of religious appearance and primitive and tribal views of “Pashton”. With a shallow interpretation of Sharia (religious laws) and a superficial study of religion and limited relationship with the world, Taliban showed an unreasonable and violent picture of Islam that Mojahedin also believe in. In tribes, traditional beliefs are base on legends and myths. Fear, horror and struggle are permanent. So, tribes are looking for law and order in fights.

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