With a brief look at the function of the organization and the political life of its leaders and actors, this fact appears that this
With a brief look at the function of the organization and the political life of its leaders and actors, this fact appears that this organization is neither Islamic nor revolutionary. As said before after the failure of “National front” and “Azadi Movement” in leading the campaigns of Iranian people, directors in the back scene, who usually created forged confirmers in the way of Iranian movements (as they used this trick in front of anti-colonial movements of world’s masses and they still use it), couldn’t be indifferent about the heightened Imam’s movement and the exclusion of old “National Front” and “Azadi movement” and couldn’t watch the victory of the weak over the cruel rulers of Iran. So, they had to bring young and revolutionary forces into the scene with hottest slogans in order to take the control of campaign out of the hands of free clerics and prevent the victory of Islam and Islamic sholars. So, we see that although the founders of the organization were not revolutionary, they walk in a guerilla manner. Savak explains some deficiencies and inabilities of the organization for guerilla war as follows: “ 1- The organization was not institutionally strong enough to act as a sabotage group. 2- The relations between members with higher elements and members with members (namely horizontal and vertical relationship) had not passed its evolution phase. Generally, the relationship system in the organization was not of advanced quality. 3- The members had not hidden lives and continued their organizational activities while doing ordinary works. 4- Keeping the identity of the members hidden from others was not observed fully. 5- Documents, evidences, weapons and armors of the group were not kept and hidden as the conditions of a sabotage group. 6- Weapons and armors had not been distributed in the group and members didn’t have them except some times…” The organization, to perform violent activities, started two works together: 1- Intro-border mobilization 2- Extra-border mobilization For intro-border mobilization they decided to provide different weapons before everything. And then train their members by using those members who had gone to military service or had learned how to work with weapons in other ways. For extra-border mobilization, following Imam’s verdict about the necessity of cooperation with Palestinian partisans and giving alms to them, this organization decided to take advantage of the time so that they decided to send some of their members to Palestinian camps in Jordan and Lebanon to go under military and guerilla trainings. Hanif Nejad, in his investigations, says: “… we decided to, according to the verdicts of clerics specially Imam Khomeini, send some of our comrades to Palestine to fight with Zionists and then we would go there ourselves.” Therefore, a number of members went to Dubai illegally in order to go to Lebanon via Dubai. But in July 1970 some of them such as Mohsen Nejat Husseini, Kazem Shafe’iha, Jalil Seyed Ahmadian, Mahmood Shamekhi, Moses Nasir Oqli Khiabani and Mohsen Khoshro were arrested by the Police of Dubai because of robbery in Dubai’s market . In September of 1970, When they were being transferred by UAE’s TAXI AIR plane to Bandar Abbas to be delivered to Iran, the plane was hijacked by 3 members of the organization: Abdul Rasool-e Meshkin Fam, Mohammed Sadeq-e Sadat Darband, Hussein Ahmadi-e Rohani. Therefore they could run away from Savak. The Iraqi Ba’ath regime put them under pressure since it thought these are spies of Savak and finally, following the letters to Ba’th regime from Nationalists and members of “Azadi movement” in Iran and Europe, they were release and they went to Lebanon to go under guerilla trainings in the base of Palestinian Liberation Organization. The organization had ordered all its members and supporters inside the country to collect money in whatever possible way in order to buy weapons. Nasser Sadegh has confessed during investigation: “… it was decided that members should gather money from their relatives at any cost, under the name of building mosque, library, mosque in university, helping Muslim and poor students and so on. So, members started gathering money under the mentioned titles and decided to buy weapons from the provinces of Kurdistan and Sistan-Baluchistan. Thus, some of the members traveled to the mentioned regions and make contacts with smugglers. One of those who was called by the organization for buying weapons was Shahmorad-e Delfani, old member of Tudeh Party, who had acquainted with Nasser Sadegh in prison in 1963. Delfani reported to Savak that Nasser Sadeq is going to buy weapons and therefore Savak could find a clue about the organization and it mobilized its forces to identify other members of the organization. In a short time, Savak could trace and identify 3 team-house and tens of high-ranking members of the organization. Nasser Sadegh, about his efforts to find weapon, has confessed as follows: “during the Nourooz ceremonies of 1971, I traveled to Zahedan and Zabol. In a sub-duty I tried to become familiar with weapon dealers but since I wasn’t familiar with the region I failed… meantime I said my idea to Delfani whom I had become acquainted with earlier. After several talks I made him buy weapons for us. He said for the time being I don’t know any smuggler but if you give me time I will make it. In the next contact I found that he’s not willing to do this… I think he wants money so I told him I would give money whatever it cost maybe…” Shahmorad-e Delfani made Nasser wait for a while in order to help Savak trace them and control the situation of the organization. So, in the August of 1971 police, who had identified 3 team-houses and some members of the organization, arrested some of them and stroke them hardly by a sharp attack. Following the investigation, since the detained members were so weak, the number of detainees passed 70. Each one of the detainees, under the tortures of Savak, revealed the names of leaders, members and supporters of the group and so the damage by Savak deepened. Six years of being controlled by Savak, and not doing anything at all, had put them at the threshold of destruction. According to the content of the records, some of the members showed more weaknesses than others. Such as Nasser Sadegh and Saeid Mohsen who had named 65 other members each one. Ali Bakeri, in addition to naming most of central members of the organization, has revealed the addresses of extra-border boxes and senders for Savak as follows: “… members in foreign countries send their letters to “Yaqub-e Elias Pur” in Trade University and possibly Mohammed Bazergani who’s a student in this university takes the letters. … our Post Box in Dubai is 970 and in Beirut: “Shohada Sq., Hotel Al-arz and in Iran: high school of Trade, Yaqub-e Elias Pur…” Most notorious is Rajavi’s disability and his surprising cowardliness so that he gave the names of main members of the organization, such as Hanif Nejad and other main cadres, to Savak and he even gave them the addresses he knew. At the first session of his investigation, Masoud Rajavi had announced that he was ready to go with Savak to the streets and show them the houses of members. He has offered about the home of person called engineer Sajjadi: “… his home is located in one of the allies linked to Eisenhower street and around Veterinary Street. I have forgotten its exact address since it refers to many times ago, but if you like I and you can go to the streets and we can find it together…” In his first investigation, Masoud has shown his cowardliness as follows: “… I don’t know why I’ve been detained. Today, I was in the house today (July, 1971) at 2 in the afternoon when somebody knocked at the door. A number of men came inside without paying any attention to my words. I was frightened. First, I asked “who are you and what do you want?” Nobody answered. My fear came to its extreme when one of them took his gun out and he was going to shoot at me. As they had ordered I went with them. One of their cars had pulled over at the beginning of the alley. They didn’t let me wear my clothes and took me with my pajama. I was ashamed before my neighbors. I sat on the floor of a building for 4 to 5 hours while they had put a shirt on my face. Unfortunately I hadn’t had lunch and I was nearly swooning by the smell of … they directed me to a cell. 3 others were in the cell. …and now that’s 11:55 I’m here.” In the first meetings with him, Savak found his mental weaknesses, made a puppet of him and used him as a tool for identifying and suppressing main members of the organization and to control their homes. So, when he was sentenced to death in the court of Shah Savak wrote a letter immediately to the Armed Forces Trial Office and explained Rajavi’s cooperation with Savak as follows: About Masoud Rajavi the son of Hussein Following No. 312/7611- 11/7/1971 The mention person, who has been sentenced to death in your courts, is one of the partners of this organization and has been influential in finding the network of Iranian Liberation Organization. Facts are presented for notice. The head of information and security service Commander Nassiri In another letter to the Army’s prosecution office, Savak talked about Masoud’s cooperation with Savak in capturing the members of that Organization. In this letter they revealed his cooperation even in prison and asked for lighter punishment. The text of the letter is as follows: About Masoud Rajavi the son of Hussein Following No. 312/7611- 11/7/1971 The mentioned person, who (Rajavi) is one of the convicted persons of so-called Iranian Liberation Organization belonging to “Azadi Movement” and has been sentenced to death in the revision court, has had fully cooperated in introducing the mentioned organization and has given useful information. He has also had good cooperation with the officials of the prison, thus, we think he deserves a lighter punishment. The facts and documents are presented for notice and necessary decision. The head of information and security service Commander Nassiri Now the question is that with this wide range of cooperation, how wasn’t Masoud acquitted? And why didn’t he follow the way of Parviz-e Nick Khah and other partners of Savak? And why was he sentenced to life imprisonment and stayed in prison? The answer of these questions should be sought in his life and his relationship with international spying networks such as “freemasonry”. We should bear in mind that his brothers, Kazem and Saleh, belonged to the “freemasonry” networks and other international spying organizations. Masoud had a trip to Europe before he was arrested by police in 1971. It’s not clear that what kinds of deals he had had with his freemason brothers in Europe? However, regarding his instability in religious beliefs and his preparedness in devoting himself to espionage centers of the world there’s no doubt that there has been a proper background for back scene directors to take him to such centers and one can’t believe that these centers have not used him or have not employed him. Different letters from some mystic elements and some organizations belonging to the world imperialism about him, since he was arrested until some years after that, confirm that he has had roots in spying centers of the world and those centers had decided to preserve him for a “rainy day”, make a hero of him and take advantage of him in misleading Islamic movements of the future. So, they never let him devote himself fully to Savak otherwise he wouldn’t have any place among oppositions and revolutionary people. Therefore we see that despite his full cooperation with Savak none of his supporter, neither Savak nor world’s mysterious organizations, don’t try to reveal his real face and his double function. Some believe that his friends were not aware of his deals with Savak and his betrayal to disclose them. One of his letters to a Savak official proves that this idea is wrong. In his letter he talks as follows: “… when entering the prison of police headquarters, the point that disturbed me was the behavior of Taqi Shahram with me so that he referred, while joking, to the content of newspapers about me and said: “what do you think? why didn’t they execute you?” in another page of his letter, he recalls prisoners’ behavior with him in a negative point of view as follows: “… on the other hand due to some problems I didn’t like to become close to anyone…” It is more surprising that Taqi Shahram and other prisoners who belonged to the Organization, never said their idea about Rajavi in any newspaper or interview and they didn’t disclose his relation with Savak. On the other hand, some international organizations like Amnesty International, that is certainly dependent to the world’s imperialism, continuously rote letters to Shah and other officials and asked about his situation and asked for his comfort. From the embassy of toppled Shah Regime in “Berlin” to the foreign ministry, it was written: “… we send some of the cards that have been published under the name of Masoud Rajavi by the so-called “Amnesty International” and we have received them with the signs of his supporters. Furthermore, there are 6 letters written to His Excellency Shahanshah Ariamehr about Masoud Rajavi under which have been signed by his supporters. We have received these letters and send their copies for you. The ambassador of Shahanshah Ariamehr- Asadollah-e Fahimi” In fact, who was Rajavi at that time to be supported by world personages, international organizations and suspected elements in other countries? Did he have any political, scientific or revolutionary personality? Why didn’t post cards, telegrams and letters for him stop at the threshold of Islamic revolution? Why wasn’t it the same for his other partners inside the organization and why didn’t other political prisoners received such support, letters, and…? Weren’t there any relatives of other prisoners abroad to induce foreign organizations to write a letter for them?? As it was said before, international organizations, such as Amnesty international, support famous and popular faces to get a prestige for themselves. But such support about an unknown person like Rajavi, in a long term, can’t be an ordinary and non-political matter. It should be said that today’s support of world imperialism and criminals from Rajavi has a deep root in history and reflects his ties with spying centers of the world. The goal has been and is still the same. This support has been performed under the pretext of “Amnesty International” or a citizen... in the past and now is being done clearly. So today, some “Congressmen” and some European statesmen support him openly and try to strengthen him. The motivation of strengthening elements such as Masoud Rajavi is not a modern one. Rather, it follows the conspiracies of past two centuries by colonizers and their elements in Islamic countries; and that’s bringing to the scene those who pretend to be revolutionary, intellectual in order to show a bad picture of real revolutionary leaders and to mislead Islamic movements. Therefore, they created Mirza Malkom Khan beside Seyed Jamal Al-din Assad Abadi, Taqi zadeh and Yaprom Khan beside Sheikh Fazlolah-e Nouri and Seyed Abdullah-e Behbahani, Heidar Oqli and Ehsan-allah Khan beside Mirza Kuchak Khan, Tadayon and Taqizadeh and Suleiman Mirza beside Seyed Hassan-e Modarres… and Allahyar-e Saleh and Dr. Baqaee beside Seyed Abolqasem-e Kashani; and using them, they hit Islamic movements hardly. Following the Islamic republic of Iran’s movements led by Imam Khomeini, since “National Front” and “Azadi Movement” were no more able to play a role in the political scene of the country, back scene actors decided to bring a fresh force to the scene to stab Imam in the back . So, Mojahedin-e Khalq organization suddenly came to the political scene of Iran. Among the main cadre of the organization, Masoud Rajavi was given special missions due to his characteristics and world’s spying centers invested on him and it should be said that they were somehow successful in their investments. Those characteristics of Masoud Rajavi which attracted world imperialism to him could be named as follows: 1- Tendency and relationship with world’s mysterious organizations by his brothers: Kazem and Saleh. 2- Wretchedness: fear and mental disabilities can be seen in him clearly. So that he had described himself that he was afraid when he had seen Savak agents and “his fear was on its extreme”! and he was afraid a lot so that he never named Shah in defending himself in court. He was even afraid of talking of August 19, 1953. So, in a book which has been published as his vindication it’s been mentioned: “… in 19 whose year and month I don’t tell….” According o the documents of his investigation : “when a general during investigation in Mashhad shouted on him, he cried and tried to stop it.” 3- Extreme egotism and selfishness: so that he has several times said the word “I” in during interrogation! In his interrogation, the following points are noticeable:“… I myself became expert in this field…”, “… I myself was more skilful due to my studies…”, “… I was always one of top students and my average point at Law university was (3/11) namely above (B)…”; In a book that has been published as his defense materials, it reads: “… I have studied for 17 years and I have enough study…” “… when I speak I want to have audience…” 4- Behaving like spy and being a compromiser: in the first session of interrogation, Masoud Rajavi talks about cooperation with Savak and says that he is ready to betray and eventually according to Savak: “… he has fully cooperated in introduction of the members of the Organization and has given useful information which helps us clarify the situation of the group and after finishing investigations, he has had a good cooperation with officials in the prison.” After running away from Iran, we also see that he goes openly to the bosom of imperialism and the West and espionage centers of the world and erases the term of “Imperialism” for ever from the dictionary of the Organization. Also, after he was expelled from France by its people, he becomes so wretched in front of Saddam that turns into a cheap spy and servant. This kind of working as servant and spy can hardly be found among other anti-revolutionary groups who are now in the bosom of aliens. 5- Impudence and Impoliteness: someday, he chanted strongest slogans against the United States and said: “… our main enemies are colonialist Americans…”, “…yesterday, I heard that Iran has been condemned by US senate… that’s why we should congratulate people and the leader of revolution and we should praise such a condemnation which is in fact condemning Iranian people and their revolution, since nothing is making us proud except being condemned by murderous Zionists and imperialists…”, “… we emphasize that the main enemies of Iran and its people are still world’s imperialists. The imperialists that killed the heroic people of Vietnam, Algeria, and…”, “…the enemies of the people want anti-colonialist campaigns to be forgotten…”, “… the reason for all our miseries from imperialism is the US…”, “… Mojahedin-e Khalq Iran praises once again Imam Khomeini’s position on banning any kinds of relationship or compromising with Americans and we congratulate this to all Iranians and to Imam himself.”, “… once again we remind our martyrs’ slogans “After Shah, it’s US’s turn” and repeat this word of Imam Khomeini that “any kind of talks, compromise with the US is banned” and we believe violating this rule is a sin.”, “… US military invasion to free American hostages once again discloses this fact that there will no relationships between people and Imperialism except fighting or captivity…”, “… Iran’s revolution has proved that each drop of blood which is shed during the campaign against imperialism, is only added to a see which exists between us and Americans murderers…”; and today the organization, with impudence and shame, is proud of having the support of Congress, US president, White house and …!!! 6- Being Capricious and Uxorious: one another characteristic of Masoud Rajavi, which is a hopeful aspect for back scene directors (of course this aspect is only for main and high-ranking members of the organization), is his uxoriousness, profligacy and being drawn in corruption (a clear example is seizing the wife of Abrishamchi). World’s espionage centers have found that uxorious people can’t pose a real threat to the world’s imperialism, but they will bend in front of imperialists easily and do any kinds of crimes, as they bend before their sexual desires. So, imperialists try to prevalent corruption and fornication among the people of a country, entertain them with their sexual desires and by this entangle them under their colonialist kigdom. 7- Spiteful and Obsessed: another characteristics of him. Retelling one of his confessions is enough. In his confession, he says: “… after 3 days of continuous efforts they referred me to a General who worked in Astan-e Quds and said that he should review your demand (which sought help). This General humiliated me so that I could hardly help my crying (the purpose of my demand was only benevolently). At night, I dreamed that I am beating him and so I saw that my powerlessness is solved in my dream…”; it is necessary to tell that this event has had an important role in taking him to violent campaign.” 8- Nescience and illiteracy: Masoud didn’t have Islamic literacy. He was unfamiliar with Islamic rules. He had studied Islam in the classes of Hussein Ahmadi-e Rohani, who didn’t believe in Islam basically and if he talked about Islam it was to deceive Muslims, clerics and elites. So, when he went to Najaf and tried to deceive Imam Khomeini, Imam knew his real face and therefore rejected him. It’s clear that studying in such a class with such a teacher will have what kind of students. And it’s clear that his students will have no familiarity with Islam. Hussein Ahmadi-e Rohani was so unfamiliar with Islam that he believed Marxism is superior to Islam. So, in 1974 along with some other members of the organization he changed his ideology and coverted to Marxism. And Masoud Rajavi had studied beside such a teacher. How could he be an honest Muslim?! There’s no doubt that he (Rajavi) talks about Islam to deceive people and to show off. And there’s no doubt that back scene directors had told him that in a country like Iran, one can’t be successful without relying on Islam and people. thus, Rajavi decided not to leave Islam in appearance and by this he damaged Islam and revolution, a damage that Marxists, Peikar, Fedayeen and other groups couldn’t do to Islam. By this, Masoud Rajavi played a part of great Satan’s plan.

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