Taliban and MKO are of those groups that can’t pass their own trivial basic structures due to their obstinacy toward
Taliban Government, Mojahedin’s Utopia Taliban and MKO are of those groups that can’t pass their own trivial basic structures due to their obstinacy toward modernity and reasonability; and therefore, they represent underdevelopment and petrifaction in the scene of their social and structural power. The most important characteristics common among Taliban and Mujahideen and people like them, which prevent them from internal political development and keeps them trivial, are as follows: 1- Individual attitudes are confronted by collective attitudes. In such systems, the individual gains his identity from a group, family, tribe, and gatherings. Meanwhile in modern systems, individual advancement is emphasized and the criteria for individual’s virtue are his own advances and talents. 2- Illiterate members of the group vs. professionals; in such a group, the profession is not a criterion, members are employed only by the amount of reliability and the person accomplishes his duties without knowing what he is doing. While, in modern communities members are appointed according their profession and their capability. 3- Classification based on dependency; the member’s position in the group is related to his relation with top officials of the group. The posts are often given to members without any work and experience. 4- Special thought vs. public thought; the most important aspect of such groups is that they have only communication with their own group and their own tribe and that’s why they only trust in their own families and relatives and they can’t do anything in wide levels and in the society according to legal laws and regulations. All above characteristics are put into a subcategory of “superiority-seeking” and according to dogmatist thoughts they consider themselves as the only place that can determine and say who is good and who is bad! In UN report in 1998 it’s been mentioned that “in those parts of Afghanistan where Taliban are in power, there are no newspapers, and TV and Radio are called satanic devices and using them is forbidden. Taliban consider art (such as drawing, filming, music and photographing) as illegal. Taliban announced it as illegitimate to have or to watch any photos from existing creatures. In September 1996, when capturing Kabul, ordered people not to watch TV anymore. Cinema is forbidden in all over Taliban borders.” It’s very important to know that Taliban had no belief in new sciences and university studies. They said they’re no good for Islam! The Taliban’s point of view was destructive. They want to eliminate their enemies in violent ways. They repeatedly announced that Afghanistan means Pashtunistan! And they behaved others as slaves of Pashtun people. In a short period of times, Taliban prevailed people of their basic rights and put Afghanistan at the top of illiterate countries. In the filed of human rights, Taliban denied the rights of people openly. Taliban’s interpretation of political-social rights of women meant as to prevent them from any social activity. In an angry response to UN which had asked for respecting human rights and women rights, The leader of Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, announced: “allowing women to enter educational fields means we are spreading the policy of prostitution and unchastity. Many people were hit by Taliban guards since they believed in the regulations of Sharia’ (religious beliefs). Ms. Board Hutter, the spokeswoman for “Doctors, supporting Human Rights” said: “Taliban considered themselves as the best people because they said they don’t rape women. They used this as an important item in their propagandas. But when Mazar-e Sharif was captured by Taliban, it was revealed that they rape Shiite women cruelly.” UN Human Rights Observer Organization received many reports indicating that Taliban kidnap women and rape them. Chong Yong, UN Human Rights commissioner writes in his report: “Women and girls in Afghanistan have been pushed out of political, social and economical life of their country.” In justifying such inhumane behaviors toward men and women, Taliban says: “hard period of time demands hard punishment. If we don’t do as such, so many other things may happen.” The best sentence by Taliban is said by the commissioner of EU, Ms. Bonino: “new rules in Afghanistan take this country to dark ages.” Baroness Emma Nicholson, EU commissioner, regarding the experience of Taliban, about Mojahedin says: “they are a threat for world’s security.” Like Taliban, Mojahedin don’t let anyone to have newspapers and so on in their offices and their camps; although they don’t call TV and radio with satanic words but they ban it completely. Watching TV by MKO members will break the wall of censorship. Watching TV will be a way out of the ideological framework of MKO. MKOs have taken members’ TVs by force. Those who resisted were punished and were put under violent pressure. This issue has been confirmed by many of those members who have been separated from the group. Taliban had no belief in learning new sciences although they considered themselves as Islamic; Mojahedin’s justification, for objecting science and knowledge, is similar to Taliban beliefs: “Mojahedin say that study and discussion is initially in contradiction with professional campaign and for fighting there’s no need to go to university.” Most important of all is that, with believing in trivial ideologies they argue that studying make the minds of members curious and this is absolutely in disagreement with their tribal values. Taliban wanted to eliminate all their political rivals and opponents; and since they found an opportunity to show off in the scene of politics they didn’t set forth their “pashtunistan” theory. Such an idea, has constituted the behavior of MKO after the revolution of 1979. although they didn’t power and public base to get to power, they have insisted on the elimination of their opponents and political rivals. On one hand they have targeted social groups by terrorist acts and on the other hand they attacked those group which considered them as rivals. They have also restricted their own members and have prevented them of having the basic rights in the framework of restricting them. Of course, we should say that the essence of such relations in Mojahedin is denying basic values and is violating human rights statement. In Human Right’s documents we can read that all human beings have the right to live and to study and no group or government can restrict them. This show deep contradiction between Taliban-Mojahedin thoughts with human rights, a contradiction which sometimes leads to damages to world community (such as Taliban’s governorship). The strangest function of MKO-Taliban double thought is about woman. Despite feminist slogans of MKO, they are competing Taliban in considering woman as a lever. Taliban, in their tribal beliefs, consider the woman as a creature who’s only useful for the corner of kitchen and for reproduction. The sell it and they exchange it. Mojahedin also consider women as a creature that should turn into a man, someone whose duty is to use weapon and to operate as a man. It seems that the difference between Mojahedin and Taliban in such a view is that Mojahedin believe that women are more flexible than men and are more trustable. In this group, women are appointed to do some works that they don’t like and they are transferred to some places which they don’t like. MKO forces women to marry or divorce, like Pashtun tribes that never care to women’s opinion in marriage. Nadereh Afshari, a woman who has been a member of MKO and has been separated from the group, describes these Talibani methods of MKO in his book “Love forbidden.” Mojahedin even take political and propagandistic advantage of the concept of woman. Knowing that feminist poems can bring them some value in European countries, Mojahedin perform unjustifiable formalistic actions. For instance, they introduce their leader’s wife as the president of Iran, while she says: “I belong to Masoud and I’m ready to obey whatever he says.” The facts of Taliban behavior toward women were shown to the world by reporters, while this has never happened for Mojahedin. It has only been paid attention by those who are familiar with this group and only a few women who have been successful in escaping from MKO could disclose what Mojahedin’s Talibani ideology has done to them. To be continued...

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