For years, Mr. Rajavi’s organization has paid the price of its survival by trading intelligence. This kind of trade had reached
Following the trade of information by MKO For years, Mr. Rajavi’s organization has paid the price of its survival by trading intelligence. This kind of trade had reached its climax at the time when Saddam Hussein was MKOs’ landlord; in fact, Mr. Rajavi paid the rental price in two ways: a- intelligent services b- military services Mr. Rajavi’s services, to the totalitarian regime of Saddam, were not limited to Iran; they were extended to other parts of the world. They gathered information for Saddam and tried to process them so that they could pretend that their needs (Rajavi and Saddam) are bilateral. Sometimes they pretended to be independent from each other. After the fall of Saddam, who was in fact Rajavi’s godfather, there was no interruption in the intelligent experiments of Mr. Rajavi and the only change was in customers, mediators and prices, but the purpose remained the same: paying the price of existence. And what seems important now, after the fall of Saddam, is that how Mr. Rajavi gets information by his friends ands partners? Everyone who knows the dimensions of this organization, knows that they are not able to get the least of information; they even become aware of Iran’s affairs later than any other organization; now, how’s that they claim of being aware of Iran’s nuclear facilities?!! Those who provide the organization with such information are in fact performing preliminary steps to rent the organization. It’s only a joke that MKO has been able to discover Iran’s nuclear facilities and has given the information to the US and the US has become surprised! Americans, who claim that they can read the newspaper titles by their satellites in any country, basically don’t need the information provided by Rajavi unless a group wants such a thing to legitimize the use of this organization. In the past, this information was provided by Iraq’s intelligence service and now it’s been done by Jewish intelligent agencies and this is Mr. Rajavi who has given himself fully to the power dealers and has the dream of getting to power in his mind. May 5, 2003

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