Introduction: Using the free and open situation of the aftermath of Iran’s revolution, MKO terrorists could find a chance to equip themselves in order to start a bath of blood in the country. Terrorists did whatever they could… Providing safe places and torture devices, which only were available for world’s most horrible Mafia, from the beginning revealed what they thought of… 3 revolutionary guards, an innocent person and one of organization members were tortured inhumanely after they were suspected by MKO members. Those who were involved in the torture of these people are as follows: Masoud Rajavi, who is now under the control of Americans after serving Saddam for years, Hussein Abrishamchi (Kazem), one of influential members of the group who’s now under the control of Americans, Mehdi Katirayee (Rahim), who was killed in an operation in the favor of Saddam, Masoud Qorbani (Taghi), one of influential members of the group who was killed in an operation, performed in the favor of Saddam, And finally, Mehran Asdaghi called Bahram, the military commander of terrorists in Tehran, who disclosed terrorists’ horrible crimes. Mehran Asdaghi called Bahram. About him, MKO’s leadership had said: the radios of Revolutionary Guards and Law Enforcement will work until there’s Bahram and if he is not they won’t work. He was the head of MKO”s workers section in Tehran. With the start of terrorist activities of MKO, he was transferred to terrorist teams whose duty was to kill and assassinate people. Of his activities we can refer to: Attacking Revolutionary Guards center in Tehran, Invading to the house of a cleric called “Rabbani-e Amlashi”, Assassinating Besharat, Majlis representative Unsuccessful assassination of Javad-e Mansouri, Mohammed Khamenei, Col. Hejazi and Mousavi-e Khoeeniha. From 1982, he starts invading people and setting the houses ablaze in order to frighten people. Special Section Mehran Asdaghi: after the events of 20th and 28th June and since MKOs couldn’t equip all their forces with weapons, they decided to select skilled persons and arm them so that they could be used in a special section. At that time, the criterion for choosing members was their skill to use weapon. The purpose was at first to train these people as commanders and to perform big operations. These guys soon became professional terrorists. The head of these tough teams says to his men: “nobody should stay alive. Everyone should know that we are not kidding.” These teams attacked a high school in Tehran and shot students, attacked a bank and killed all its employees. They massacred a lot of people and their leader encouraged them as they say themselves. Intelligent work These fully armed, tough teams were beaten by Law enforcement. Bahram (Mehran Asdaghi) says: in May 2, many of our team-homes had been identified by the police and many of our main members had been killed in the clashes. We didn’t know who was beating us! Leadership said that we should arrest anyone who seems suspicious and should be tortured and investigated in order to find their intelligent knowledge. Engineering Work In a mad movement, Organization ordered us to arrest anyone suspicious and to act immediately. We should kidnap them and torture them in order to get information from them. This, I mean torturing, was called “Engineering Operation.” To Be Continued…. "In order to read the next parts search the title Engineering Operation"

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