Khosro Zandi, MKO member: MKO leaders ordered us to kidnap a shoemaker. Mostafa Ma’dan Pishe (Rahman), who was
Kidnapping and torturing Abbas-e Effat Ravesh (details) Abbas Effat Ravesh; married, shoemaker Accusation: his wife believed in Hizballah Summary report: Khosro Zandi, MKO member: MKO leaders ordered us to kidnap a shoemaker. Mostafa Ma’dan Pishe (Rahman), who was the commander of the team, I and Ja’far were to kidnap this shoemaker. At 10:30 we went to his shop and took him out under the pretext that we are revolutionary guards and that he should answer a few questions. After taking him to our car, we tied his hands and closed his eyes. We took him to a safe place which was prepared for torturing. Mehran Asdaghi: this house belonged to Hussein Abrishamchi and was controlled by special section. The walls and the floor of the bathroom were covered with a thick plaster so that nobody could hear the voices from bathroom. This shoemaker was taken to the house and was tortured in order to get information about the activities of his wife. They hit his face and feet with a cable. Since the case was all false, they got no information. After getting no information from him by MKOs, he was killed and was buried, along with 2 other corpses, in deserts around Tehran. Details of the case: Mehran Asdaghi, the commander of terrorist teams in Tehran: The accusation of that shoemaker (Abbas Effat Ravesh), whose identification was done by my colleague (Masoud Qorbani), was that his wife was a supporter of Islamic republic. He should be kidnapped and we had to get information from him. The mission was given to Mostafa Ma’dan Pisheh. He and his team (Khosro Zandi and Mohammed Ja’far Hadian) went to the shoemaker’s home at 10 pm but he was in his shop. So they went there at 10:30, showed him their weapons and forged IDs. They asked him to go with them in order to answer a number of questions. The shoemaker was unaware of the matter, so he accepted to go with them. Ja’far had prepared a car, weapons, handcuff, and something to close his eyes. He had taken the car to a street near Shemiran St. The house was in Bahar Street and it wasn’t very crowded. It was a 2 story building. It had kitchen, hall, toilet, bathroom, yard and basement. As the shoemaker entered the house he was tortured severely. From the beginning it was clear that he had no information. Despite shoemaker’s cries, who said didn’t know what we wanted, torture continued. The place for torturing was in the bathroom. He was tortured for some days. Masoud Qorbani had tied the shoemaker to a chair and although we knew that he has no information we tortured him. I hit him with a cable and Masoud had tied his mouth. We were sweating after a while and we were tired, so we finished it. Masoud said: “although we couldn’t get information, we revenged.” We ordered home and Masoud Qorbani and Javad Mohammedi washed their hands and faces and went to our officials to ask what to do. We had to kill the shoemaker since it was our policy that nobody should get out live whether that person had information or no. so we killed him along with two other revolutionary gurads. We tied two revolutionary guards to the chair and closed their eyes, then we made them unconscious with leaden rods. We injected them with cyanide shots. Their throats were snoring while they were dying. We tied them tightly and put them in the car trunk. At 9 pm we delivered the corpses to Khosro Zandi. He and Mohammed Ja’far Hadian took them to bury them.

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