In the introduction of this letter it is necessary to introduce myself and bring a summary of my past; but since from your point of view people are divided to 2 general categories (you’re with us or against us) I prefer to be against you and to be (as you say) mercenary, betrayer, infiltrator, and so on! It seems that you have not communicated since April 19, 2003 when your last announcement was issued up to now; meanwhile we receive your organization’s news from Pentagon’s Centcom in Iraq! And this is really shameful and surprising for Mojahedin’s national movement which says standing against Imperialism is its primary goal. Mr. Rajavi, There’s no doubt that you have entered a new stage of your life and you have some options; these are not selective, they’re rather as stages and you are to act as is planned for you. That what you and your organization will do, can’t be analyzed by your culture and point of view; since this is not you that offers conditions. This is Americans who have captured you as the soldiers of Ba’th party and it’s natural that captives can’t do much with their destiny. On the other hand Americans don’t treat you as they did with Taliban and Ba’th party because they need you against Iran, as Saddam needed a unique means like you Mr. Rajavi, Americans have some basic problems in using you and your organization. If these problems are solved, you will be able to live in the shade of their protection: 1- Mojahedin-e Khalq organization is in the terrorist list of the US and EU. 2- Regarding the division between Iraqi people and MKOs (as supporters of Saddam), MKOs are considered as disturbers and violators of security. 3- Transferring MKOs from Iraq to any country has two obstacles: a- Which country is ready to have a challenge with Iranian regime over accepting Mr. Rajavi and his group? b- Given a country accepts them, that country will accept them without their weapons and this means a defeat in Mr. Rajavi’s strategy (that had been supposed to topple Iranian government with weapons). Mr. Rajavi, In short, the writer offers you to: Burn a stage and go to somewhere that you where supposed to go many years ago; From Tehran-Paris-Baghdad you may not reach Washington, but you’ll certainly reach Tel Aviv; So, don’t hesitate. This opportunity is the last chance. So, be clear with your supporters, people and history and do what you should have done earlier! For you, it is enough to talk with your supporters in a long meeting and tell them about revolutionary duties and chant the slogan of “Today Tel Aviv, Tomorrow Tehran”, they will be convinced. Be sure that the people of Iran and Iraq will be satisfied with your move.

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