Everyone, whether good or bad, should follow this creation law. What remains is the outcome of the actions and thoughts
Ibrahim Zakeri died. Everyone, whether good or bad, should follow this creation law. What remains is the outcome of the actions and thoughts of people. What’s the result for the one, who has passed 33 years of his life looking for a useless goal? Does he have really a good memory of that? His friends know him as a good company who worked with the Organization and never moaned, and this was a value for him. Some know him as torturer and investigator, and some others have been tortured by him. In a wider scale, many personages and groups were stricken by propagandas and insults provided by this man as the director of Mojahedin’s propaganda office. All of these are the outcomes of his life. But in a wider scale, he and his friends left nothing except the deep hatred of Iranian people. The judgment of people about them is honest and impartial. People call them as “Saddam’s henchmen”, “partners of occupiers” and… People don’t trust them, since they’ve seen their naked ugly face of terrorism and aggression. People have found out their hostility with the Iranian culture and traditions. These are the results of Zakeri’s life and his friends’. But Zakeri’s death took place at right time and it was very symbolic. It was at right time because he kicked the bucket a bit earlier than his group, and symbolic because his death symbolizes the death of whole Mojahedin and the end of Game.

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