That night he stood and commanded. He shouted that why did you telephoned BBC radio? What did you say to BBC? Tell, what did you say to UN officials in Baghdad? He was concerned about me, disclosing my situation and years of solitary prison in media and international institutions. He ordered, Hassan Mohassel and Nader Rafi’ee Nejad rushed and slapped me in the face, and their military, hard boots patted my legs and… I was transferred to the solitary prison in August 1992, since I set forth political strategic questions and after I insisted on my opinions in discussions with Masoud Rajavi. After 7 years in prison, I escaped from Rajavi’s guards but I was arrested in front of the UN office by Iraqi security organization and I was transferred to the prison again. That long night had come and Ibrahim Zakeri had prepared a paper to force me sign it. Hassan Mohassel and Nader Rafi’ee nejad shouted as their mouths were just beside my ears. Ibrahim Zakeri pushed the pen into my fingers to make me sign the paper, and I resisted. They started a new stage of torture. Hassan Ezzati (Nariman) joined them and they stroke my body and my face with their boots, boots which were supposed to pass the way of freedom, so that for some days after that I crawled on the ground to go to toilet. And finally, that long time came to an end and I resisted and … The fine of Mojahedin’s members, leaders and I was that we had predicted the current deadlock in which the Organization is now entangled in Iraq. And we considered staying in Iraq as illegal and as a cover for dictatorial acts of the organization. Yes, this was our fine. Yesterday, Mojahedin-e Khalq organization announced that Ibrahim Zakeri has died in the hospital due to cancer. And following that one of non-mojahed members of the national council of resistance, Mehdi Same’e, introduced him as “liberation fighter”. I never become happy of others’ deaths even Ibrahim Zakeri, who was a torturer and prison guard for about 8 years. But I hope the ideology and the thought of dictators, in any form, dies in a good and revealing political-ideological campaign. Yes. Ibrahim Zakeri was not a “liberation fighter”, but a “guard of dictatorship”. We pray for the savior of those Iranians based in Iraq Mohammed Hussein Sobhani 25.03.03 Germany

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