The diary of Mrs. Nadereh Afshari is related to 1994. But since it draws the position of woman and woman’s pitiful destiny in
The diary of Mrs. Nadereh Afshari is related to 1994. But since it draws the position of woman and woman’s pitiful destiny in Mojahedin organization it’s still interesting to read. It’s necessary to mention that we don’t agree with all the content of this diary and specially reject attribution of Rajavi’s petrified ideas to Islam or Christianity. We now read a summary of her diary called “love forbidden” Obligatory Divorces During the case of issuing general divorces verdict in May 1991; Masoud Rajavi who’s called “ideological leader” in the organization, and by all those factional propagandas we saw her wife Maryam Rajavi as his “freedom phoenix” and he dedicated this phoenix to people with sacrifice and revolutionary favor, tried to turn the sentiments and feelings of his subdued forces to his wife. Therefore by exaggeration of his two superficial marriages and divorces, he tried to create a kind visage of this phoenix so that he could exchange it with his forces’ humane instincts and demands. So, in long meetings of ideological justification of life with out wife and substituting the leader with wife and children he said: “come and deal with me. You give me your wife and I’ll give you my phoenix.” In fact, Mojahedin’s ideological leader that’s similar to ideological leaders in all religious beliefs tried to destroy family and to reject this basic unit of each society by misusing people’s religious beliefs to keep his own power in the organization and to cut all humane dependencies of some people who were to become completely mechanical. He also kept them under obligation by giving phoenix to them, in order to make them debtor. For in the organization of Rajavi, everyone should be in Masoud’s debt and being creditor means rebellion and … In the new situation that Rajavi had suggested, Maryam Rajavi was introduced as the “highest point of evolution” and the sharp-point of “evolution’s arrow”. Mojahedin’s eternal and everlasting leadership tried to, by ignoring people’s mind and feelings, suggest them that the one who can reach “freedom phoenix” can buy the paradise for himself and can perform his duty toward God and the nation. Masoud’s religious exaggerations about his wife had caused even fanatic persons to say they’d seen her name in the books of Shiites’ 6th Imam. Maryam Rajavi was in fact Mr. Rajavi’s decal. We can say he’s a man wearing a ladies dress. Mojahedin say that Maryam has melted into Masoud and is his crystallization. She herself says so. Melting in science field means that a solid material turns to a fluid and takes the shape of its holder. When it’s said that Maryam is melted into Masoud, it means that she has chosen such a destiny and has completely changed to a form that neither has an identity nor will. All Masoud’s plans and programs since 1985 were on the basis of trying to change all members to a shapeless thing, then pour them in his own container and give them his own desired shapes. He also tried to make other oppositions, beside members, shapeless or remove them completely by this practical method. Therefore, in scientific, social and psychological realization of this case; Maryam has exactly taken her husband’s characteristics and features and has become deeply a Rajavi. That’s why she has kept the surname of “Rajavi” instead of “Qajar-e Azdanloo” after the issue of obligatory divorces’ verdict. While she couldn’t be Masoud Rajavi’s wife, according to these very ideological divorces, and couldn’t be Rajavi anymore. This name change doesn’t appear in the ID card of course, but as soon as each woman marries, wherever and whenever, is decorated with her husband’s family name. This kind of religious-traditional following is so much that most of women are called with their job title, educational title, or her husband’s name. If her husband is a doctor, she’ll be called Mrs. Doctor; if her husband is a colonel, she’ll be called Mrs. colonel; if her husband’s an engineer, then Mrs. engineer; and if her husband is a Haji she’ll be called Mrs. Haji. The story of Maryam Qajar-e Azdanloo’s becoming Rajavi wasn’t seemingly this, but in fact and in higher levels was a result of this very culture. Therefore, it wasn’t necessary for Maryam to be called with her own name after the issuance of obligatory divorces’ verdict. That’s why in the stage of reasoning and executing the verdict also, like any other case, she changed as a supplementary, and in fact acted as a shapeless form of her husband. Maryam Rajavi suggested the organization members and forces that after divorcing they will be free and the will flourish. Her reasoning was that women should come out of the grave of gender, namely marriage and family and evolutionary process of life, to be able to fly and join their phoenix, namely Maryam. It should never be thought that these speeches and actions, that Mr.Rajavi is frightened to express openly in the society, are a religious story or rise from a religious mind. The Rajavis play the stories practically and, by the cost of destroying any kinds of values, face the contemporary human beings with some events that may appear as legends and fictions to many. But these are true and are also so bitter that have left disastrous human casualties. Maryam Rajavi, who should help to the prevalence of ideological leader’s new verdict, knew that due to internal failures, aberrations, disappointments and aggressions that had happened thanks to the leader’s plans and had risked their entity there’s no way except members’ religious melting into the existence of the leader. Since researcher, noble and freedom-seeking mind of a fighter wouldn’t accept this much of religious suggestion; they should occupy their members’ minds completely in order to boost the bases of their leadership power seeking in the organization. So, Mrs. Azdanloo tried to show the leader’s verdict as global in order to heighten the pride of the members toward this plan and other plans. That’s why she said: “the leader’s verdict, namely making the unit of family and marriage as unimportant, is the only way to women freedom and this idea will soon be globalized. This method existed very earlier in Christians’ monasteries and abbeys and had no results except madness and corruption and instead of globalization brought the hatred of the people of the world. Maryam Rajavi specially emphasized on the events of Eastern Bloc and the collapse of the Soviet Union and that all ideologies have reached deadlock and at the time being it’s only the ideological leader’s ideology that can be globalized and free the human beings from pains and injustice. In other word, he spoke of great things to be successful in small things; that is he wanted to convince his own forces and prevent them from asking questions or doubting in it. We want to influence a group of people, who trust us, it’s better to use the maximum of exaggeration and to say that we have brought a new global theory and you’re the first to perform it, in fact you’re lucky to be pioneers. In this way by exaggeration and suggesting pride, we talk about our addressee so that we deprive him from reality and doubt. Mrs. Rajavi said: “since divorce is the stage of Mojahedin’s freedom and blossoming we can compare it to child birthing in which the first stages are very painful, but in the next stage it’s sweet like any other birth.” And to convince people and to make them happy and pride she promised that they’ll soon publish this great ideological change and movement by media. Since she knew that people will look at these kinds of actions very strangely and it’s not good to announce such a weird plan and it will probably make people laugh at them, she corrected herself and said that it’s better not to publish this outside the organization. And that she herself, when the plan was done and the family was destroyed in Mojahedin organization, will publish this good news. In her point of view, that had expressed such an idea in the presence of hundreds of Mojaheds, general divorces was the greatest gifts. A gift we should wait for its results and as they said its great achievements. It’s amazing that this plan was performed in the organization and had regretful results. But Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi still don’t dare to publish it as formal news by public media. A few people of course accepted it as a gift. These people are now in Iraq or other places in a certain distance to Mojahedin leader, while their children and wives are other places of the world or have got back their previous names and have become the sister of their previous husbands and live in Rajavi’s bases. So, there’s no reproduction among those remained. Therefore, if a woman is pregnant, it’s clear that she’s violated leader’s law and she’ll be sentenced to prison, banishment, exile to Istanbul and revolutionary execution. And those women, who considered this verdict as a leader’s trick to solve his own problems, became pregnant right at that time and separated from this faction whose stories and memories about being jailed and mentally tortured is the bitter story of the contemporary generation. Most of these women have now children aged 4 or 5 and each is a sign of deep protest to this strange method. Those who accepted this gift and participated in this series of meetings, whose video tapes were shown to the members outside Iraq, were so influenced buy Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi that stood up and, crying like a religious fanatic that’s bound to his master, said: “our leader is right, having children and wife prevented us from having a clean fight with Khomeini. We admit that being busy with wife and children don’t let us fight well. Our daily work also wasn’t useful. We worked six days and we were just waiting for Friday night.” The reason for these usual admissions was Mehdi Abrishamchi, Maryam Rajavi’s ex-husband, who said: “we respected Thursdays and Fridays. When we were at home with our wives on Friday, we didn’t think of our leader. We talked at home about life. The situation of our homes was not organizational on Friday nights.” Girls and women who had to marry with the ones they didn’t like at all to become perfect and reach freedom gates before 1991 , had to divorce after 1991 for the same reasons. About these gates, toward which members should go by 2 different reasons, Mr. Rajavi said: “every woman who marries the leader will soon advance and become perfect.” At the end of reasoning the verdict and in the exciting situation Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi and Mehdi Abrishamchi had made, to clean all memories they gathered all family photos and destroyed them. Those women who had accepted this new gift willingly were given high ranks and, so, the leader’s council was constituted of these women. From then on, protests and objections took new dimensions; and the issues of educating prisoners, physical and mental torturing were intensified so that most of these prisoners, who have been stabbed in the back by their own friends, have expressed their pains for Iranian people and the world community and have been threatened orally and in practice by Masoud’s revengefulness. In reviewing those who haven’t accepted obligatory divorces, we can rarely find mates who have left that burning hell. Statistics show that Masoud has taken one side as hostage. Sometimes woman has left Iraq with her children and some times a man has done as such. Usually the one who’d stayed in Iraq calls his wife and writes against her in Mojahedin’s weekly journal and calls her as betrayer, rubbish, mercenary and… Among men, we can name Soleiman Heidary, Nahid Hosseini’s husband; and among women, we can mention Mahin Nazari the wife of Hadi Shams Haeri and Nasrin Yunesi the wife of Heidar Babaei whom always cursed their husbands. Most of them, such as the ones I mentioned, are not able to write anything about the matters published in the name of them. There are quarters in Mojahedin organization under the supervision of Masoud Rajavi himself and their task is to write and print letters and even essays with fictitious names in Mojahedin weekly. Setting forth the issue of obligatory divorces by these people, as the witnesses and victims of this event, in the society has made Mojahedin very angry. While in 1991 when the theory of obligatory divorces and its global significance in human being’s evolution was set forth, Maryam Rajavi herself promised to publish this theory by media. Now, it’s wonderful why they should become upset of setting forth their action. If the issue of imprisonment of internal opponents is deniable, the issue of obligatory divorces is clearly seen in Iraq and is provable by those who have separated from their mates. I think this is the best chance for Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi to defend their divorce theory officially in mass media or to confess that they were wrong and this shouldn’t have been set forth in the society. Mojahedin has also taken as hostage the children of these rebellious men and women. These innocent children have been sent to Iraq and Jordan and then to different places of the world during the case of obligatory divorces and under the pretext of saving them. The anger of these hostages toward Mojahedin organization, will finally lead to a tragic destiny for Mojahedin.

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