To extend the deception further the MKO claims the European Parliament acted in this way as a favour to the Iranian Government. Of course, the evidence of its terrorist activities reach from Iraqi Kurdistan to the capitals of European countries
Sept. 4, 2004 Open Letter to Belgian Foreign Minister, Louis Michel about Mojahedin Dear Mr. Louis Michel Minister of Foreign Affairs, Belgium On 13 September when European Foreign Ministers meet in Brussels and the International Atomic Energy Agency meets in Vienna to review Iran’s nuclear industry, the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO) has organised, using the pseudonym ‘Sarfarazan’, a demonstration in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. The purpose of this demonstration is to demand that the MKO be removed from the EU’s list of terrorist entities. So, the MKO is listed as a terrorist entity, but through the simple deception of using a different name it has gained permission to hold a public demonstration in Brussels. The MKO has been busy buying up Afghan and other refugees in Europe to come to its demonstration by paying their expenses and food and accommodation for a few days. The MKO in another act of deception is claiming that the European Parliament is responsible for its listing as a terrorist entity, when of course it arose out of consensus reached by the individual European countries. To extend the deception further the MKO claims the European Parliament acted in this way as a favour to the Iranian Government. Of course, the evidence of its terrorist activities reach from Iraqi Kurdistan to the capitals of European countries. The stance of your government is deplorable. Surely in any democracy ‘freedom of expression’ does not stretch to giving a public platform to organised crime and terrorism. Yet in Belgium this is exactly what will happen on 13 September. In the US administration the Neocons have their own agenda and are exploiting MKO members in Iraq as slaves in their war. The use of the MKO by the intelligence agencies of countries hostile towards Iran, particularly on the issue of nuclear energy, is evident. Following the exploitation of an MKO representative in the Fox News network as a propaganda mouthpiece, comes the news that those arrested in Iran on charges of espionage are MKO operatives. This is at a time when the MKO and its political wing the NCRI are designated as terrorist in the USA. We understand the pressure exerted on your country through Canada, whose Foreign Minister is in Brussels for talks with your government, to put pressure on Iran. However nothing can justify use of the MKO for political purposes. We do not think that closing your eyes to the activities of a terrorist organisation in your country will act as a lever against Iran’s government. In fact it only fortifies the position of the hardliners and undermines the efforts of the reformists inside and moderates outside the county. Both the MKO and Iran’s hardliners have zealously exploited similar opportunities over the past 20 years. We have enclosed a small sample of the evidence which has already been made public concerning the MKO. The charges against the MKO and in particular its leaders include but are not limited to: crimes against humanity and war crimes inside and outside Iran; deliberately targeting civilians in acts of terror; close co-operation with the secret services of Saddam Hussein against Iranians during an 8 years war in which chemical weapons were used against Iranian people; close co-operation with other hostile spying services and spying programs against the best interests of the people of Iran and Iraq; suppression and massacre of Kurds and Shiites in Iraq on the order of Saddam Hussein; criminal misuse of the democratic institutions of a majority of European countries and the US through fraud and deception. The victims of this vicious cult (the former members of the same organisation) will not go away. We refuse to accept that justice should be ignored for political and propaganda purposes. We are pursuing through the International Committee of the Red Cross the safety of the detainees in Ashraf camp in Iraq and the allegation that they are being forced to fight in the place of US soldiers. We are also pursuing the prosecution of Massoud Rajavi in an appropriate court so that whenever he surfaces from hiding in Ashraf camp he is brought to justice for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Other MKO leaders including Maryam Azodanloo (aka Rajavi) are already under investigation for terrorism in Paris. We are pursuing the right of victims (Iranian or otherwise) to seek justice in this case. In light of what is universally known and acknowledged about the MKO, your government has been singularly unsuccessful in briefing your MPs Maggie De Block, Muriel Gerkens and Walter Muls. We strongly believe that these people who so recklessly support these terrorists in your county are themselves victims of the orchestrated deception of the MKO agents, and are completely ignorant about the true nature of the organisation, which however your government is fully aware of. Not only is your government not doing enough to honour its obligations accepted in theory concerning terrorism, but it is actually facilitating the activities of terrorists by failing to give enough information to those most at risk of being targeted by MKO agents for the misuse of the democratic institutions in Belgium. The presence of buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels brings with it a serious responsibility to the government of Belgium. We will strongly recommend that the officials of every county whose foreign ministers are attending the meeting on Monday 13 September put the question to your government and to your good self as to why you have neglected your responsibilities as the host in favour of cheap propaganda against Iran, using Afghan and other refugees, and paid for with money stolen from the Iraqi people by the agents of the former regime of Saddam Hussein. The international committee for the support of Victims of the Mojahedin-e Khalq 06/09/2004 The committee for the support of the victims Po. Box. 148 Leeds LS16 5BL UK Tel: 0044 113 278 0503 Fax: 0044 113 278 0547 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The list of individual signatories and their contacts are attached List of signatories Massoud Jabani Ex member of MKO The Netherlands Hadi Shams Haeri Ex member of central committee of MKO, Political prisoner of time of late Shah, Ex prisoner of MKO The Netherlands Milad Ariai Ex member of central committee of MKO Germany Habib Khorami Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner in MKO prisons The Netherlands Khosro Janpanah Ex member of MKO, Germany Ali Akbar Rastgoo Ex member and Ex head of foreign affairs section of MKO in Germany Germany Mohamed Hussein Sobhani Ex member of central committee of MKO, 8 years in MKO prisons and 2 years in Abu Ghraib prison Germany Mette Tegnader Human Rights activist, writer, researcher on MKO Norway Farhad Javaheri Yar Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner of Abu Ghraib and Ashraf prisons Germany Edvard Tromaroyan Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner of Abu Ghraib prison Germany Hassan Sadeghian Ex member of MKO, Ex political prisoner of the time of Shah, ex prisoner of Abu Ghraib prison Denmark Ali Ghashghavi Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner of Abu Ghraib prison and Fazelieh prison Germany Jafar Baghalnejad Khoi Ex member of MKO Norway Hassan Khalaj Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner of Abu Ghraib prison Norway Mehdi Khoshal Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner in Ashraf camp, Iraq Germany Abbas Mir Sadeghi Nejad Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner in Ashraf camp, Iraq Germany Anne Singleton Ex activist with MKO UK Jamshid Tahmasbi Ex central committee of MKO, Ex prisoner in Ashraf camp, Iraq Germany Karim Haggi Ex commander of MKO, Ex prisoner in Ashraf camp, Iraq The Netherlands Alireza Mirasghari Ex central committee of MKO Witness to the torture and murder of Parviz Ahmadi in prison Germany Amir Mowasaghi Ex member of MKO. Ex prisoner in Abu Ghraib prison Germany Robabeh Shahroki (Mother Rezwan) Head of association of the Mothers of victims of MKO Sweden Batol Ahmadi Ex member of MKO Sweden Parvin Haji Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner in Hele camp Canada Saeid Khodshenas Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner in Hele camp Canada Mitra Yousefi Ex member of MKO Sweden Majid Farahani Ex member of MKO, Ex prisoner in Alramadi camp Netherlands Massoud Khodabandeh Ex executive committee member of MKO, Ex member of National Council of Resistance U.K.

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