Khoshnevis answers recent arguments by Mr. Win Griffiths, UK MP
Dear Mr Griffiths, distinguished member of the British Parliament, I read your letter to Iran Interlink and it confirmed to me what I already believed about the situation surrounding Mr Ebrahim Khodabandeh and Mr Jamil Bassam. I will explain for your information. About one and a half years ago, Messrs Khodabandeh and Bassam were arrested in Syria and handed over to the Iranian regime. I was, at that time, certain that the Mojahedin were then facing an immense challenge which would require a very delicate and sensitive approach to it. The Iranian regime had got two big gifts from the fall of Saddam’s regime and it could be envisaged that it would, through these two men, challenge the Mojahedin. Past experience of this kind, which includes the arrest and freeing of Mr Shahsavandi and Mrs Malek, endorsed this idea. When your good self as a supporter of the Mojahedin received your visa to travel to Iran, I became convinced that the ball has now turned in favour of the regime. Otherwise, as you said yourself, the regime which did not even grant permission to the Canadian ambassador in Tehran to attend the court for Mrs Zahra Kazemi, could definitely say “no” to you. In fact if the regime of Tehran had even the smallest doubt about its victory in this case, it would not enter into it at all. Your and the Mojahedin’s silence after the visit in Tehran was somewhat interesting and I was only able to read about the trip through the Iran-Interlink website. Now since 20th September, I have been able also to read your letter to Iran-Interlink which has enabled readers to have better understanding as to your own points of view. 1- Your visa to be present in Iran and your free access to visit the two high ranking MKO members in prison was as unbelievable for you as it was unfortunate for the Mojahedin. The MKO would have wished that this visa had not been granted so that they could continue with their claims that Messrs Khodabandeh and Bassam are under constant torture and their execution is imminent. This claim has been continuously on the MKO’s official website (Hambastegi-ye Meli) claiming that the two men are constantly under torture. This reminder of course is from someone who has not only been a supporter of them like your good self, but someone who has served them in the highest ranks and knows only well their way of thinking and their culture. 2- Mr Griffiths, you have announced two reasons for your trip: to visit the two imprisoned men, and to achieve amnesty for the members of the NCRI. Concerning your first objective to establish their wellbeing it is the duty of any freedom lover to thank you. But the question arises whether you are only interested in the wellbeing of these two men and nobody else. At the time when Mr and Mrs Rajavi were controlling their cult members in the heart of the Ba’athist regime and were sending their disaffected members and critics to prison and would practice every physical and psychological pressure on them, would it not have been just if you would have asked them why and to what end? You have been born and brought up in civilised Europe. Could you not at least have entertained some doubts concerning the allegations of prisons and prisoners and interrogators and torturers in Mr Rajavi’s system? And then placed yourself to at least meet with some of the victims of the cult, even in European territory, so as to find out about the miseries they have gone through? If the lives of all human beings are valuable, which they are, then you cannot discriminate between them. They should all enjoy their basic human rights in life whatever their beliefs or their ethnic background. Having stated these basics, when the Mojahedin under the rule of Saddam Hussein were being sent into cities to open fire, was it not needful for you to ask them not to use mortars, which as an imprecise projectile carries a certain irresponsibility in itself? Have you ever tried to obtain correct statistics about the victims in the useless wars in the cities and in the border region? Have you ever asked the Mojahedin what is the reason behind their loss of members and who they are? And might not this have brought you closer to the facts about the number of prisons and prisoners and…? Concerning your second agenda, I must accept that your presence in such a mood and atmosphere of non violence and rejection of terrorism and armed struggle is something for which I should congratulate you. On the condition that Mr and Mrs Rajavi apologise to the people of Iran and Iraq for their co-operation with Saddam Hussein in the massacre of Iranian and Iraqi civilians. It is therefore expected from you that you put your efforts into stopping the officially recognised terrorist activities of the Mojahedin which are being orchestrated by the National Liberation Army and whitewashed using the name National Council of Resistance. 3- Dear Mr Griffiths. Your emphasis on distinguishing between the National Council of Resistance and the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation is mind boggling. To try to separate the NCR, MKO and NLA is like trying to analyse a spider by putting different names of insects on different parts of its body. Even now, if you really insist on believing that their actions, thoughts and ideas can be separated, we strongly recommend that you speak with ex members of the NCRI who live nearby yourself. They will explain to you how the NCR, MKO and NLA are names for the same cult under the total power of Mr Massoud Rajavi, and how any criticism of the Ideological Leader is considered a crime and is dealt with and suppressed severely. We might even suggest that you ask your friends in the National Council of Resistance to give an example, even one example in which they could have been able to criticise any part of his vague and unrealistic strategies and tactics. One example would be enough. 4- Mr Griffiths. In your article you have told us that the NCRI has vast support in the Commons as well as the Lords. Even if we take this as something verifiable, would it not be necessary, when stressing this vast number of supporters of the MKO, to also mention the names of Saddam Hussein, Hassan Al Majid, Taher Haboush, Tariq Aziz, Uday and Ghosay Hussein, Taha Yasin Ramezan and tens of small and large criminal supporters of the Rajavi’s? There is no doubt that if you want to draw up a list of supporters of the MKO, the top of this list belongs to Saddam Hussein as its only governmental supporter and benefactor and godfather. Then would embarrassment allow the rest of the supporters to put their names under the deposed dictator of Baghdad? 5- Mr Griffiths you emphasised that “I have never said that negotiation is the only way, but that I believe it is the best way, and I have said my opinion to Madam Rajavi and the NCRI leaders in Paris”… would it not have been better if you also explained about their reaction to your opinion so that the readers would be also informed about their stance in the face of the regime’s offer of amnesty and its rejection of terror? Your half story suggests the possibility that the negotiation has been Mrs Rajavi’s idea and that you have been selected as the ambassador. Otherwise, you can be certain that if you persist with this idea, in the not far future you will also be labelled as a mercenary of the Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry! You will only be an acceptable supporter for the MKO if you play their tunes, not when you start writing the music. Dear Mr Griffiths, This letter is written by someone who has experienced the regime’s prisons for supporting the Mojahedin, has spent many years of her life as a high ranking member of the NLA in Ashraf camp, and has been injured in military operations; the injuries are still visible. Has been engaged in political (propaganda) activities in Europe to legitimise the bombings and… and when she did not bow in the Ideological meetings, was put under pressure and ended up being sent to Europe with her cross on her back. She is now carrying many psychological and physical problems on her back and is still under medical treatment. The official documents from governmental doctors in Sweden endorse that I have been under years of psychological manipulation and operation. Which one do you think is worst? The ‘psychological operation’ or the ‘guerrilla operation’? Have you ever considered putting an end to these ‘operations’ in Mr and Mrs Rajavi’s cult? Maryam Khoshnevis ex member of MKO 23/09/2004

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