Accordingly it is clear that Massoud Rajavi represents the only internal guarantee for the cult for the duration of its life. But of course Rajavi alone is not enough to prolong the life of the cult. He needs a complimentary factor in the shape of an external guarantor.
The survival of the Mojahedin-e Khalq organisation rests on two parameters; one internal and one external.The internal parameter is MKO top man, Massoud Rajavi. He uses tools to perpetuate his organisation such as the Ideological Revolution and the suppression of his forces under the banners of ‘organisational discipline’ and the ‘rights due to an Ideological Leader’. Rajavi has introduced himself as the unique Ideological Leader for the MKO followers and as God’s deputy on earth. As such, it is claimed that to cross the sacred boundaries which surround him is an unforgivable sin. He claims to have sacrificed himself by carrying his followers’ sins in order to free the energy and potential of these forces which are so desperately needed for ‘the struggle’. He claims he is able to carry the total burden of all their unresolved problems to the point that there would be nobody in the cult who has not traversed to the heaven of ideological revolution. Rajavi crushes any kind of materialistic dependence in his followers in order to allegedly purify ‘the struggle’. At the same time he has ordered the suppression of any internal human desire so that ‘the struggle’ would be more and more clear and visible. And he breaks every normal and accepted rule in order to construct new rules for his cult. He also describes every alteration as a victory so that ‘the struggle’ could continue. In simple words, and to clearly understand the role of Massoud Rajavi and the place he occupies in his cult as well as the mentality of his followers, it is enough to quote from is wife Maryam Ghajar Azdanloo (Rajavi) while she describes her husband:“…having doubts about God may be forgiven as God is invisible. But due to the visibility of Massoud, having doubts about his uniqueness cannot and will not be forgiven”. Accordingly it is clear that Massoud Rajavi represents the only internal guarantee for the cult for the duration of its life. But of course Rajavi alone is not enough to prolong the life of the cult. He needs a complimentary factor in the shape of an external guarantor. Previously, this role was played by Saddam Hussein and his fascistic regime. The Mojahedin engaged in their battles and historical victories with this insurance. It is not hard to imagine that without the bases, training, logistics and other forms of support provided by Saddam, the National Liberation Army could not exist. It is not hard to imagine that without the arms provided by the Iraqi army by order of Saddam, the strategy of armed struggle and deploying terror teams into Iran would not have been possible. If the money donated by the Mokhaberat and Estekhbarat of Iraq under Saddam had been removed, the financial life of the Mojahedin would have come to an end long ago. And if it were not for the similarities between Rajavi and Saddam’s way of thinking, their co operation would have not lasted all those years. The direct role of Saddam’s regime in the survival of Rajavi’s cult is to the extent that Rajavi refers to his benefactor in conversation with the Iraqi General Saber as follows: “…tell his Excellency (Saddam); our fates have been tied together. Our fates are one. Our bloods are mixed and you know that I am not exaggerating. I wish we could have performed our duties better than we have done… I think the relations between us and you; between Iraq, the government, the Ba’ath party and the head of all of them Mr. President (Saddam) on one side and the Iranian Resistance and the Mojahedin and the Liberation Army on the other side... I don’t think that our relations could be described as simple political relations and could not be analyzed as such, and I think it is more like a complete brotherhood between us. Such brothers that would never come short for each other whatever the circumstances. Whatever is against you, naturally would be against us and vice versa. The blows we receive are to both of us, just as the advances are related to both of us. Concerning our situation, I say one word. Personally, in my mind and in my heart, I can never distinguish between our interests and your interests. They are completely dissolved in each other. In reality our interests have been woven into each other. Therefore I would like to ask you to send our regards and best wishes to the President (Saddam) and tell him there is no needs for your consideration and for your thanks. Tell his majesty on my behalf that we are in your house and we are with you and we will be with you as far as we are able to be so…” This external guarantor of the Mojahedin-e Khalq was conclusively destroyed when we witnessed the fall of Saddam. Massoud Rajavi, who is the MKO’s internal factor integral to its survival, disappeared because he could not face the world and could no longer hide or justify his mercenary activities for Saddam Hussein. Saddam will never come back and as for Rajavi, he will not be coming back either. Unless, that is, he finds another partner like Saddam to join in matrimony. Rajavi will not have the chance to step out of the other rat hole otherwise. The survival of the cult then is in the hands of the guarantor who may replace Saddam, the one who will take the MKO on as a mercenary force and allow Rajavi to proudly announce that he is preparing for another war with the backing of another external guarantor. It should be obvious by now that any force of any kind and form that involves itself in a strategic treaty with this cult, cannot escape from the fact that history will forever judge it as the like for like replacement for Saddam Hussein, the notorious dictator of Iraq.

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