the security of our citizens is much more important than the presence of such a dangerous cult in our cities
Although I had some general knowledge about Iran from the news, I had not heard of the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization until I first met the man who was to become my husband. He told me from the beginning he had been a member of this organisation and spoke about its history in the recent events of Iran. He also told me that he had travelled from Iran to Iraq to join the liberation army there and that his aim had been to free his country from the grip of a cruel and suffocating religious rule. It was not until I had known him a while and we had become close that he was able to gradually involve me in the secret suffering he endured while serving the Mojahedin. And sincerely, if it had not been for the terrible and traumatic experiences that he told me of, I would never have believed that such an organization could exist or could do such things to its own people. From the beginning of what I heard about the Mojahedin, even before I knew of my husband’s personal story, it was clear that the leader Massoud Rajavi was just treating people like him as commodities and spilling their blood as though he was spending money from his bank account. I was shocked to learn that once people joined the Mojahedin they were not allowed to leave and not even allowed to contact their families. I still genuinely cannot understand how people can be made to divorce their wife or husband or to give up their children to strangers for adoption. How is that possible? My husband was one of those who, after a while, decided he wanted to leave the organisation and go back to his ordinary free life. But he wasn’t allowed to leave. When he kept insisting and resisting the efforts to make him change his mind, the leaders put my husband in their own prisons for two years and even sent him to the horrifying prisons of Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. He was tortured frequently during this whole period. Now, with the evidence left on his body and soul, the autocratic, violent, inhuman nature of the Mojahedin is not a matter of dispute. My husband showed me pictures of Maryam Rajavi looking very glamorous and smiling benignly. He then told me about the women in Iraq who obey her and that it was they who ordered him to be beaten and imprisoned. With this public face and this hidden reality, what boundaries does this organization accept? Very few it seems. As a citizen of a free and democratic country in which my rights and freedoms and my way of life are protected by laws, I find it regrettable that even up to the fall of Saddam Hussein, some politicians and human rights organizations in the west were giving their support to this mercenary outfit. It is shocking to realise that with this smiling face of Maryam Rajavi they were able to fool people into believing that it was a democratic and humanitarian organization even when they were living right in the pocket of the notorious dictator Saddam Hussein. Still, I had not myself discovered the depth of brutality of these people until I began to meet more people who had managed to run away from theMojahedin’s Iraqi camps and prisons. The Mojahedin’s treatment of political opponents and their own dissatisfied members is simply horrifying. Accompanying my husband, I started to meet others and to listen to the horrifying stories of these cult victims, and to hear about the miseries that the Mojahedin leaders had created under the protection of Saddam in Iraq. As a woman who has been brought up in a western democracy, I have wept many times to see how this organisation has misused the total trust of the people who had given every thing they had with no expectation of anything in return. The torture and brutal mistreatment of the same people by the cult leader is truly shameful, unjust and a black page in the history of humanity. A few years ago, Mojahedin agents attacked a prominent journalist in Germany. He is a friend of my husband and is based in London. He was attacked while delivering a speech. The attack was so severe that he ended up with a broken nose and broken teeth. Dr Alireza Nourizadeh is among the outspoken critics of Rajavi’s cult. The Mojahedin still threaten their opponents and on occasion attack them in European cities. Their critics and ex members simply do not enjoy the normal security which is the basic right of anybody in these countries. They live in fear of the agents of the cult. This is unbearable. This is supposed to be Europe, not the country of Saddam Hussein. Why do our governments tolerate such groups which threaten the security of others. When I decided to write about these things it even crossed my mind that I too might be under threat for speaking out. But when I thought of how preposterous it was that a citizen of a free country should fear attack from agents of a terrorist group, I became determined to add my voice in protest. These shameful events are not something happening on another planet. They are happening now in European countries. Surely the security of our citizens is much more important than the presence of such a dangerous cult in our cities. The political personalities who have supported them for whatever reasons must seriously rethink their actions. Getting support from Saddam is one thing, but getting support from representatives of the European electorate is another. Our citizens need security and tranquillity, not terrorist organisations.

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