We bring our specific enquiries to his honour Mr Griffiths, with his forced interference which compounds the situation Rajavi has created. Our aim is to expose clearly the dirty hands of his apparently favourite terrorist group to European politicians and the whole world.
After rather a long silence since he returned from his visit to Iran, Mr Griffiths has emerged with an even more strange, excessively stubborn and impossible position. He is not convinced, nor has he convinced others the other way. The MP talks like somebody far away from the European politics of the new era by supporting one of the most notorious terrorist cults, with a record completely stained with crimes and deceit. I wonder if Mr. Griffiths, after visiting Iran and a number of the Mojahedin’s victims, could even dare to hint at the slightest popularity for the group in Iran. (Outside Iran they are so isolated that they are hiring foreigners for publicity. The MP must have heard of the scandalous story of cheating 60 Swedish school pupils into going to Brussels, and asking Mr. Griffiths to make a speech to them as Iranian supporters). The MP simply tries to hide Rajavi’s crimes behind the regime’s wrongdoings. According to us, the Mojahedin survivors of that horror, he has to be made aware of the Mojahedin’s crimes; of Rajavi selling his organisation to anyone and doing anything in his wild, and at the same time childish, aim of taking over the country in his disastrous meddling way - including open sabotage, terrorist actions, and deceiving and exploiting youngsters’ emotions, driving the good will of people into death, in a most obviously hypocritical manner. We bring our specific enquiries to his honour Mr Griffiths, with his forced interference which compounds the situation Rajavi has created. Our aim is to expose clearly the dirty hands of his apparently favourite terrorist group to European politicians and the whole world. Unfortunately not only does Mr Griffiths mistakenly stain his own honour as a human being and his ability and dignity as a Welsh MP, he goes further, breaking the limits and being like them. He openly suggests that the Iranian former supporters of the Mojahedin should have committed suicide – those who have mostly been surrendered to Saddam Hussein by Rajavi because of their reluctance to continue with the terrorist organization any longer, then have been extradited and exchanged by the former dictator for some Iraqi prisoners of war from Iran. Mr Griffiths has made a new story of them, nourishing Rajavi’s expensive propaganda machine (Rajavi’s only and last remaining tool for existence - working with Saddam Hussein’s payments) in its efforts to deceive some more people with tragic stories. It has always been like that, matters concerning fatalities work better for Rajavi since death and blood is the most important pillar of the organization. The MP even ironically says that Mrs Anne Singleton was once supporting the NCRI and has now turned against them. The point that she was inside the Mojahedin is a most significant help to our campaign and our claim against Mojahedin for we have gained a lot information about them. We have touched everything that we are trying to recite to the whole world. We are the logical witnesses to Rajavi’s crimes. W are really proud to show how we have tried and practiced our idea for democracy. We have left the Mojahedin, finding them a dangerous sect and bloodthirsty terrorists. Yes, it is true that no one has ever returned from hell to explain its secrets. But we have turned back from Rajavi’s hell on earth and we will reveal his secrets. Our own desire is not to wash Iranian regime’s hands at all. But we are pointing out the crimes of this terrorist group too. First things first for us! Mr Griffiths reminds us of the respectable martyred Zahra Kazemi’s case. This is everybody’s right, even a responsibility – except for the Mojahedin because they have committed so many crimes like that themselves, and worse! They have tortured many of their own members in spite of the great sacrifices these people have made for their struggle. I wish to ask the respectable MP how much he knows about the disgusting night time vigils and congregations held by the Rajavi’s even in European cities for the psychological manipulation of the members? Supporting the Mojahedin means supporting a mass of crimes and mendacity that has still not met with punishment. For example jeopardising the lives of around 600 children in 1991, many of whom ended up with tragedy and unhappiness. Supporting the Rajavi’s means supporting many murders covered up as fake suicides, mysterious car crashes or unintentional shootings through cleaning weapons. Supporting the Rajavi’s means to accept making slaves of free women and men and children. I have listed the word ‘women’ first, because women are the first victim of the Mojahedin. (It is bitterly funny that the MP’s references to justify the Mojahedin’s crimes contain the claims of Mr Ebrahim Khodabandeh’s so called wife. I wonder what has happened to make her the exception to the norm since every spouse in the Mojahedin had to call her husband, under Rajavi’s instruction, a Malloon, (a kind of a devil) and at the same time woman has been called Efriteh, (a kind of female devil) by her husband – for the heinous idea of regarding every beloved person as a satanic obstacle to loving the leader.) Supporting the Rajavi’s means supporting those barbaric self-immolations of human beings in European cities (when Maryam Rajavi had been arrested). In that case a supporter must be ready himself to do the same. Has Mrs Griffiths ever had this wasteland of an idea in his mind? Supporting the Rajavi’s means supporting their rule of demolishing the family unit. A supporter must be ready to obey the rules and regulations. I wish I knew how much Mr Griffiths’ voters are aware of his involvement in these matters. Supporting the Rajavi’s means supporting Saddam Hussein’s genocide against Iraqi Kurds and Shiites. Supporting the Rajavi’s means supporting all the terrorist actions that have taken place by the organization in cities against civilians which contradicts every aspect of the European view of politics. Finally, I have something strange to say. As a result of Rajavi’s crimes and madness I wish that my dear husband - a father of two and deprived of any contact with his children, who love him dearly - was in the hands of the Iranian regime. I am sure in that case, we could at least see him. Something we tried to do in 1998 when I took my 15 year old son to Paris so that he could see his father after many years. But Rajavi didn’t allow any meeting, even for a minute, between the father and son. God knows how broken hearted my son was after that, and the heavy effect it has had on his future. And definitely so too the father. If my husband was in the hands of the regime it could be possible for him to return back to all he loves. He could regain his sense of love and affection, his freedom as a human, his interest in the beauty of life, the sound of laughter, deepness of thought, and become wise enough again to face reality. All which have been stolen and burned in Rajavi’s hell. If any of the above is true or even near to the facts, how could an MP, as a democrat and a campaigner, ever again recommend this bunch of political bandits, these savage wolves, to his colleagues and at the same time keep his promises to his voters and his Party.

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