In 1975, the MKO evaded discussing fundamental questions, maneuvered on political issues, considered itself more “left” than communists and tried to hide the changing of MKO’s nature. If they had not done so, the situation would have been different for this dying sick creature
Since being founded, the terrorist MKO has always had a major problem: questions by its own members. The formation of different study groups by the members of MKO central council has been conducted at different times not to answer the questions but to explain and justify the ideological views of MKO leaders. Originally, they have not a good relation with questioning; by attributing it to the liberal characteristics, they closed the room for thinking and questioning inside the MKO. Those who have free and questioning minds, that view an issue from different angles, are considered sick people in the MKO, which treats the person with its own methods or cuts that person’s contact with the group. Such a view leads to the outbreak of a fatal covert illness in the MKO with various consequences such as suppressing and boycotting the members who have devoted all they have to the cause of the organization. This illness infected all MKO’s organism during the years, due to the group’s unsubstantial stances, and peaked in brutal behavior of the group towards its dissidents members. This ill organization was totally infected by this virus in 1975; instead of trying to cure itself, the group resorted to “Charlatanism”, which provided a safe place for the virus to become an inseparable part of the organization. In 1975, the MKO evaded discussing fundamental questions, maneuvered on political issues, considered itself more “left” than communists and tried to hide the changing of MKO’s nature. If they had not done so, the situation would have been different for this dying sick creature whose administration claims: “Mullahs have concluded that the survival of their regime is dependent on the destruction of Iranian Resistance, particularly the eradication of Camp Ashraf in which the overthrowing of the reactionary regime has been determined. They believe that the survival of Ashraf means their own destruction; therefore, they try to eradicate the Resistance. National Security Council, Qods Army, Intelligence Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Culture and Guidance Ministry, and a number of institutions tied to Velayat-e Faqih have been ordered to accomplish this mission. Camp Ashraf is the focus of Mullahs’ attacks to destroy the Resistance. Their method is to attack the Resistance from inside. Velayat-e Faqih has hysterically mobilized its forces to recruit some people who are not able to stay faithful to their promises and can’t go on with Resistance and struggle.” * These baseless crazy, and of course hallucinatory, comments is an exclusive screen which shows the relapse of MKO’s historical illness and the dark organism of this dying creature. Once, this illness allowed the MKO to claim of popular struggle against imperialism, despite organizational suppression of dissident members. Then, to fight the internal dissident and to control the members against the social realities after the revolution, they said that fighting against regime is preferable to fighting imperialism. However, today they clearly announce their position and focus their efforts fighting dissident members, a number of whom were able to escape from the organizational suppressions. In dialectical tone, one should say that MKO’s illness has been pushing the group toward gradual destruction during past 40 years and that it has left nothing for the group except fighting with its own members. Stupid mobilization of forces against dissident members in Camp Ashraf and defectors are the last signs of the survival of this dying creature. This is the last effort to survive. ----------------------------------------------------------------- * from Maryam Rajavi’s message to supporters’ gathering in Netherlands

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