That’s really a good question: if they say that defectors are lying and that the meetings were held in another way why don’t they broadcast the films of democratic behavior of their leader for the people to judge?
Mr. Jamal Amiri discussed the issue of some meetings in which Massoud Rajavi issued death sentence for dissident members. He said: “When I turned and I saw those people attacking me, I could do nothing. I was not able to think anymore. Is this called democracy? If someone wants to say this, he will have to ignore his morality. This was a real scene; something that happened to me. Those who were present in the meeting and now press me to ignore it are very unfair. That was not court but it was a torture chamber. That was crushing people. This is not fair to force someone to say “I was wrong, you are right; I even accept your faults”… Rajavi always wanted to impose his own faults on us. “We didn’t advance because of your faults! Our guidelines failed due to your faults!” he said. So, what were you doing Mr. Leader? Nothing! What I have said are all true. There were some people who are alive now and they can judge. These are the things they took films of. If you say that you believe in democracy and that there’s democracy in your organization, I’m ready to come to the court and you display those films. You don’t dare to do so.” That’s really a good question: if they say that defectors are lying and that the meetings were held in another way why don’t they broadcast the films of democratic behavior of their leader for the people to judge? Instead, the Gestapo of Camp Ashraf wrote under the name of “Ali Bagherzadeh” as follows: “For promoting the historical scenes of Superman he says there are films of these meetings and that why they are not displayed. I believe that it’s not good to show those films publicly because in those films superman had neither cloak nor the ability to fly and this will be a shame for him. Although, I should add that the film only contains that last scene and that the most amazing parts were played by the actor in difference places and times. However, despite the good play by the actor, film was not allowed to be shown because there were no cohesion in the film and the actor himself was confused and many of the critics were concerned that the legend of superman would be omitted from the history if the film is displayed.” This proves that not only Mojahedin agree with such brutal meetings and defend it but they claim that the behavior of Jamal Amiri and others during years had prompted such meetings. Jamal Amiri also has declared that he didn’t want to stay in the cult but there were no open windows for him and that he had no way except staying until they treated him in such a way. This is a great example of democratic dictatorship!

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