“There’s no difference between terrorist operations by Bin Laden and the ones by terrorist MKO but Americans have double standards in treating these two.”
One of the memebrs of MKO’s central committee says: “the US supports Mojahedin-e Khalq in order to use it as leverage against Iran.” According to Fars News agency, in an interview with Al-Alam news channel, Babak Amini who’s separated from the organization recently and has returned to Iran, referred to designation of the group as terrorist by the US and the EU, and said; “there’s no necessity for the US to support a group which has performed terrorist operations from European countries.” “There’s no difference between terrorist operations by Bin Laden and the ones by terrorist MKO but Americans have double standards in treating these two.” Amini also talked about the current situation of MKO’s elements: “there were nearly 4500 in MKO up to the US invasion to Iraq, but currently there are about 4000 in Ashraf Camp under the supervision of American forces.” He admitted that as a commander of operation teams he had been involved in several operations in 2001 and had attacked several target in Iran. He said lying, not having true goals and cooperation with Saddam’s regime against Iran were the reasons for his separation from the group. “Mojahedin organization was not right, and so lacked popular support.” This member of MKO’s central committee also said: “Masoud Rajavi is a domineering person and this kind of his behavior led to the killing of many youth of Iran.” Amini denied that the group is religious and said: “this organization is a mixture of Maoism and Communism and lacks any kind of ideology and believes that end justifies means. So, we saw that Rajavi once tied his fate to Bani Sadr’s and once again to that of Saddam Hussein and today it’s sought shelter in the bosom of Americans.” This former member of the organization referred to the cooperation of Saddam and Rajavi, adding that “Saddam received promises from the group in exchange of giving money and arms and NLA (National liberation Army) and MKO were fully under the control of Saddam Hussein.” He confirmed that Saddam Hussein had used MKO in suppressing the uprising of Iraqis. “All that happened across Iran-Iraq border was done in coordination with Iraqi government.” At the end of his interview with Al-Alam, Amini invited other members of the organization to leave the MKO and said: “during pas few days, 40 members of MKO returned to Iran and now live here freely.” About the possibility of being erased by the organization he said: “the organization doesn’t dare to perform any operation inside Iran.”

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