In his article which has been posted on “Saut Al-Iraq” website, Iraqi journalist Salim Al-Moosavi, discusses the situation of terrorist groups in the future of Iraq and writes recent election in Iraq is a start of an end for the terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq
In his article which has been posted on “Saut Al-Iraq” website, Iraqi journalist Salim Al-Moosavi, discusses the situation of terrorist groups in the future of Iraq. He writes: “Iraqi elections were held in an atmosphere of fear of attacks and bombings, and Iraqi people participated in the event. But, some people boycotted the elections since they had no hope of getting peoples’ votes. Iraqis are expected to get the power from Americans after the results of elections are announced, then terrorists will have no justification for staying in Iraq and continuing their acts.” “A question raises here that where’ll be terrorists’ base after Iraq and what is their fate? To answer this question we should mention current terrorist groups in Iraq,” he adds. In introducing Al-Qaeda, and in parts of the article, Moosavi writes: “This organization came to our country after the US occupation started… when Afghans took control of their country, the group moved to Iraq. It seems that, after losing justification for staying in Iraq, it will be split to extreme fundamental groups and teams. A recent report by the CIA’s “center of strategic studies”, which has been given to Pentagon, supports this claim… the destiny of Zarqawi’s group will be similar. It tried so hard to prevent people’s participation in the elections but the only thing it got was failure and despair.” Then the author introduces Ansar Al-Islam: “Extremist Sunni and Kurd group which confronted American forces directly. As soon as US forces entered Iraq, it was attacked and its positions were bombed; most of its members were killed…. It seems that the group will stay in Iraq after elections, will quit its military methods and start peaceful political activities, since there will be no reason to follow up previous strategies when Americans exit power and the country.” The article then discusses Mojahedin-e Khalq organization and adds: “This organization is an Iranian opposition group, listed by the US and the EU as foreign terrorist group. The group is led by Masoud Rajavi and his wife, Maryam. It took Iraq as its base, and fought for Saddam against Iran during eight years of Iran-Iraq war. They used military and logistical equipments of ousted president of Iraq. It had a big role in suppressing the uprisings in different places in Iraq. After the fall of Saddam, the US chose double standards toward this organization; it disarmed the organization and protected its forces in Camp Ashraf. Despite being on terror list, the US paved the way for the exit of some major members of this group to Europe and after IGC issued the order of expulsion of this group, the US stopped the execution of this order. Apparently, at first the US looked at the group as a leverage against Iran and as a tool to get advantage from Iranian government, but then it learned that it’s not important for Iran and on the other hand, it has no popular support among Iranians. The US softened its strategy and paved the way for the returning of repentant members to Iran. Recently, a number of members returned to Iran. Recent election in Iraq is a start of an end for this terrorist organization. This organization will be decomposed and some of its members will go to European and other countries and some others will return to Iran.”

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