The outcome of making love with the imperialism was that they were victimized by the US, in Bush’s speech for apologizing for the previous positions and returning to cooperation with Europe.
In recent days, Mojahedin proudly quote some words of the US president as their own glorious case and try to buy credit for themselves by this. They may even resort to these words to request for the freedom of their detained members in Iraq; George Bush has said that we became aware of Iran’s nuclear project when an Iranian group warned it… Of course, Mojahedin, overwhelmed to take advantage of the chance, have been trapped in the high-hat bowl of Bush and consider it a privilege for themselves without noticing Bush’s tone! In careful pre-planned words, Bush denies the role of his country in spying against Iran and puts the blame on an Iranian group. He means that “a group (from Iranians themselves!!) has revealed the information”! Besides, he pretends to be deceived by the so-called warnings of Mojahedin about Iran nuclear programs, in order to hide the real goals and purposes of the US behind it. But, Mojahedin are the only ones who, optimistically and in Rajavi-like manner, accept Bush’s words; there’s no wise person in the world who can accept that the US is concerned about the World’s security! Bush’s comments, trumpeted by Mojahedin, don’t end here. Relying on MKO’s gestures, he officially shows his imperialist views against Iranians and says: “Iran should not bring excuses, but it must listen to what the free world says.” Regarding the nuclear game, Mojahedin entered a gamble which was full of deceptions, and they have not yet realized the dimensions of the advantages the US and Israel took of them. Though, they will never realize this due to high ratio of MKO leader’s intelligence quotient. The outcome of making love with the imperialism was that they were victimized by the US, in Bush’s speech for apologizing for the previous positions and returning to cooperation with Europe. Also, the outcomes of MKO falsifications– which were simply along with the goals of Israel (to make war against Iran)- were as follows: Iran’s case was excluded from the IAEA’s agenda and the Agency thanked Iran for its cooperation. The US has promised to quit its assuming slogans until June. Diplomats in Vienna told AFP: Iran has finished the turning of 37 tons of yellow cake to Uranium tetrafluoride, which is a step in uranium enrichment. And finally: “Iran and Russia signed final contract for putting Bushehr power plant into operation.”

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