Massoud Rajavi, as the ideological leader of the Mojahedin cult, views women in a way very similar to that of Taliban. In addition to reactionary views (under the revolutionary cover!) he doesn’t consider women as real competitors and believes that women are less resistant than men and ask fewer
Whenever we speak of cults and sectarian opinions, “people” in general and it’s related issues such as democracy and human rights in particular should be excluded since the basis of all cults is to distance from people and promote tribal lives and therefore all human beings are systematically divided into two general groups: they belong to the tribe or they don’t; (“with us” or “against us”) and this philosophy has nothing to do with sex, color, race and … but it’s exactly relied on the principle of “the wished and the devotee”. So, discussing the issue of women apart from that of men in the cults which have basically problems with all human beings is nothing except going the wrong way. But they have some differences based on their characteristics which are discussable. Taliban, for example, defined clearly its own views on women and their role in the closed society of Afghanistan and it never tried to get the signatures of foreigners or to get their support in order to show a face difference from its real one. But in the cult of Mojahedin mask is worn, based on these beliefs and simply according to the imposed obligations, to (according to themselves) “deceive” the foreign elements…! (carrying contradiction to the point of getting to power). Massoud Rajavi, as the ideological leader of the Mojahedin cult, views women in a way very similar to that of Taliban. In addition to reactionary views (under the revolutionary cover!) he doesn’t consider women as real competitors and believes that women are less resistant than men and ask fewer! And since they don’t have a long process in struggle, they won’t lock or slow the movement! And totally, they’re more flexible than men (in this regard, we recommend reading the “Discussions of Ideological Revolution” by Mojahed brother “Niabati”, who has possibly revealed these view without the permission of his ideological leader!) With these reasoning, Rajavi ranks women in the structure during different phases of ideological revolution and under the name of “revolution of Freedom” and according to Abrishamchi “Men, with all their claims, are taken down to melt and don’t think they have eternal rank! (from “discussions of Ideological revolution-Mehdi Abrishamchi) Rajavi’s doctrine as the total leader of MKO cult is based on purposeful usage of all forces, especially women. He believes women have the capability of double functions: while they’re not obstacle for leader’s overhangs, from outside view they’re more usable than men, to adjust foreign relations of the cult with democratic and political gestures. That’s why during the “revolution of freedom!”, women took outstanding roles and men lost their ranks so that unpredicted problems made by men could be resolved and women could be used in the post-saddam era (when the cult is looking for another master women can find a better position for the cult in the west). Feminist element is the key factor in advancing and stabilizing the central core of Ideological Revolution. That’s why when the orders of self-immolation are issued by the ideological leader, women – as the key players in advancing and stabilizing the leadership- are sent to be victimized in a flaming show in order to instigate the feelings of foreign elements and also to send a clear message that “such a force can perform suicide operations…”

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