The last witness of medieval tortures of Rajavi’s Inquisition Courts, the last one who has been able to flee from the cage, like other defectors of Mojahedin-e Khalq has risked his life and has taken shelter in the Red Cross.
The last witness of medieval tortures of Rajavi’s Inquisition Courts, the last one who has been able to flee from the cage, like other defectors of Mojahedin-e Khalq has risked his life and has taken shelter in the Red Cross. Taj Mohammed Zare’I, who stayed with Mojahedin for 17 yeas, has returned to Iran with his wounded and hurt body only to tell that “I proved that they can’t convince me forcibly”. 150 individuals started beating him in order to show him Maryam’s revolution with more effective blows. They beat him so much so that he fainted. He found himself on hospital’s bed. MKO kept him away from the eyes of others to force him to sign a paper indicating that he has been wounded in a personal case. Finally, by forcing and threatening him, they succeeded in getting these papers. In a brave move, Taj Mohammed Zare’I escaped from the prison of Ashraf on March 5, 2005 and opened a new way for the captives of Rajavi’s medieval thoughts: I’m Taj Mohammed Zare’i. I went to military service in 1986. I had passed 20 months of my military service when I was captured by Iraq in an operation and I was in prison for 20 months in Tikrit. There, prisoners were abused and tortured. On one hand, MKO offered attractive suggestions. For example, they said that you can come here beside your compatriots and then return to Iran and … on the other hand, we were under the pressure of Saddam forces. Anyway, we made a wrong choice and joined Monafiqin (hypocrites, named used for MKO). At first we were attracted by them and thought that they’re really good people. But after a while they showed up their hypocritical face. For instance, in the event of suppressing Kurds and after Kuwait war I myself witnessed MKO’s cooperation with Iraqi forces. They attacked Kurds with artillery and tanks. Everything was prepared for the fall of Saddam’s regime but MKO prevented it. They cooperated with Iraq’s Mokhaberat (Former Iraqi secret service). Wounded Kurds captured by Mojahedin were immediately handed to Mokhaberat. And it killed them and buried them right there. Others were taken to be investigated and then executed. MKO also tortured its own forces. In 1994, I saw many MKO members tortured and imprisoned by organization itself. Their torture methods are unique. When I saw these things, I asked to leave. They didn’t let me go and I had to stay anyway. In 1995, Massoud Rajavi held an assembly called “Hawz” which was an ideological assembly. In this assembly I said that I didn’t accept their ideology. I said that you can do anything you want but you can’t force me to accept your ideology. This public assembly was held in a place called “Bagherzadeh”. After we returned to Camp Ashraf, in meetings supervised by Mehri Aligholi and Jahangir (Parviz Karimi) they asked me to go on platform and explain why I didn’t accept their ideology and that why I disobey. Here, I repeated my words again. I said that they can’t force me to believe in what they desire. In this meeting, the people who were there attacked my by the order of Mehri Aligholi and beat me very hard. I fainted there and when I opened my eyes I found myself in the hospital. I was hurt in eyes and waist. My testicles were also badly hurt so that my right testicle was operated. I had also slipped disk. There are also other wounds on my body. After this event I was hospitalized for 6 months. At the same time, they took me to see a person called Nader Rafi’ee Nejad who was said to be the head of judicial commission. They said he wanted to follow my case. He said that your case has been a personal case and you should write this and sign it. I refused to do so. For 3 days, he followed me and pressurized me to sign the papers. Finally I had to sign them because I had no other ways. I should also say that they kept me in an isolated secret room, out of the sight of others. Only a doctor came and checked me. The bottom line is that they have committed many crimes. Lots of people have been killed by them and there’s no sing of them. Their fate is not clear and no one knows what MKO has done to them. I was with Mojahedin for 15 years until a few days ago when I decided to return to my country since I had heard that Iranian government has issued public pardon. Finally I entered the country and I’m so happy to be here and to be with my family. I wish all my friends at Camp Ashraf and American Camp will be freed. In order to watch the film of the interview, please <1>click here<1>.

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